Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact

  • Neil Hartman, Director, Center for Sports Communication and Social Impact
  • Dr. Yannick Kluch, Lead Faculty Consultant for Social Impact
  • Derek Jones, station manager at Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM, broadcasts a game.
  • Radio, Television & Film student covers a football game.
  • Phil Anastasia (right), Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist and Rowan adjunct professor, interviews former NBA player and Camden High School legend DaJuan Wagner.
  • Rowan's Television Network (RTN) interviews a member of the men's basketball team.
  • Radio, Television & Film student covering a game.

Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact

Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact

Welcome to the Center for Sports Communication and Social Impact!
We work with students studying in our Sports Communication and Media (Sports CaM) program to enhance their academic growth. We provide access to mentoring, renowned guest speakers, networking events, work opportunities and student clubs. If you want to prepare for a career on the forefront of sports and find ways to impact others in society, we would love to hear from you! 


Neil Hartman

Meet the Team

Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Neil Hartman has been named Director of Rowan University’s Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact. The Center provides educational, professional and inspirational experiences for students in the new Sports Communication and Media major.


The Center promotes a culture of actively engaged students and provides opportunities to distinguish themselves for future positions in the highly competitive sports media industry.

B.A. in Sports CaM

The College of Communication & Creative Arts at Rowan is home to several sports-related communication programs including a B.A. in Sports Communication and Media (Sports CaM), Minor in Sports Communcation and Sports Media (21 credits) and Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Sports Media (12 credits).