Academic Departments & Programs

Academic Departments & Programs

CCCA Departments & Degrees


We are a community of artists, designers and educators which includes 38 faculty and staff who train the next generation of professionals that contribute to the creative economy. Whether in pursuit of a professional degree, certification to teach or wanting an artistic experience to complement your studies, the department has something to offer for everyone.

Communication Studies

Communication is a fundamental part of being human. Communication is how we form relationships, develop creative ideas and products, share experiences, and make connections with others in our personal, professional and civic lives. The Communication Studies program at Rowan offers students breadth and depth in exploring this central and complex part of the human condition.


The Department of Journalism prepares students to be successful news and media professionals. The Journalism curriculum is grounded in the fundamentals of journalism history, law and ethics. Students learn the basics of reporting, writing and editing while covering campus events and local news in South Jersey. Our courses also provide the preparation and skills needed to compete in an fast-changing media landscape.

Public Relations & Advertising

Learn the theoretical background of Public Relations & Advertising, while engaging directly with area professionals in businesses, non-profits, government and educational organizations throughout the country.

Radio, Television & Film

Welcome to Rowan University's Department of Radio, Television, and Film. We are learning community of 19 faculty and staff and over 300 undergraduate majors engaged in the production and critical studies of radio, television and film. 

Writing Arts

Studying writing arts increases understanding of the multiple facets of written communication. Through a variety of courses and learning experiences in creative, academic, new media, and applied writing, students learn to become flexible, adaptable writers, ready to bring advanced writing, reading, and critical thinking skills to the workplace.