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Rowan Coloring Book

Color Our Campus was created by students in Professor Adam Gustavson's illustration class.

Pick one of your favorite coloring book pages and color away. Share your creations with Rowan (@rowanuniversity) and Rowan CCCA (@rowanccca) for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Art Faculty Spotlight

Nancy Ohanian

Art Prof Ohanian, internationally acclaimed political cartoonist, wins Berryman Award

Nancy Ohanian

The National Press Foundation has announced that Rowan Professor Nancy Ohanian, whose syndicated political illustrations publish in some 250 newspapers each week, has won the Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartoons.

"As a political cartoonist, everything can be a symbol," she said. "There’s a difference between looking at an object as its identity and seeing it as a symbol that might imply something else."

Full story at Rowan News:

Nancy Ohanian website:


Professor Ohanian's bio


The Department of Art embraces teaching and learning at the intersection of multiple disciplines to foster curiosity and innovation. Integrating new technologies, the department extends traditional connections of art and design in concept and form to enhance the visual, social, and cultural environment. Academic rigor and artistic expression are united through unique programming and alternative course structures that support creativity, entrepreneurship, and analytical thinking. Rowan University is defining new educational relationships compatible with and extending proven approaches that have served artists/designers well throughout history.

Department of Art Mission Statement

Through rigorous degree programs in studio arts and art education, the Department of Art nurtures creative expression within a liberal arts and professional context, fostering the important humanistic role played by the visual arts in today's society. The Department of Art also prepares majors for creative problem solving with a technological foundation that is relevant for the twenty-first century. Moreover, courses in art history, art appreciation and non-major studios provide visual art experiences that stimulate and enhance the aesthetic, creative, and cultural literacy of the entire college community. (Adopted 2009)

The Department of Art encourages all students, majors and non-majors to engage in the regional arts community of galleries and museums. Whether visiting the Rowan University Galleries (Rowan University Art Gallery), taking a field trip to Washington, D.C, New York or Philadelphia, or attending a professional conference, Rowan students are introduced to all of the opportunities that pursuing a degree in the arts enables.

In preparation for applying for a first job after graduation, or to a graduate program, students with the Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are prepared with a portfolio and the professional skills to succeed in a competitive world.