Minors & CUGS

Minors & CUGS


A liberal arts program for students who wish to become art teachers or desire a broad academically-oriented education with an emphasis in art, Art Education or General Fine Arts.

Art History

The Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a professional, studio-intensive degree program for students who wish to become illustrators, designers or fine artists and want to develop their work to a professional level. For graphic design and illustration, the BFA is intended to provide the experience and knowledge necessary to construct a professional portfolio for employment. For the fine art student, the BFA is intended to provide the knowledge and experience necessary to develop a body of work and portfolio for acceptance into graduate school or for working as a professional artist.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording is designed to combine courses in Music, Radio TV and Film, and Physics in order to provide students with a basic education in audio recording and technology. Students can take two classes per year for three years to satisfy the requirements for the concentration.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies students focus on the rich complexity of our lived experiences – which are created by and represented through communication. 

Creative Writing

The Writing Arts Department at offers a program of study in creative writing leading to a minor. Students must complete 18 hours of coursework selected from a variety of courses in poetry, fiction, children’s stories, plays, television, and film scenarios.

Film & Television Studies

The Minor in Film and Television Studies offers students critical approaches to the study of film and television in media aesthetics, history, and theory.


The Journalism Department prepares students to be successful news and media professionals. 

New Media

The New Media Minor allows students to explore evolving media with a focus on the expressive qualities of interactive and digital technology.


The Photography Minor is designed to offer an aesthetic, technical, critical, and practical understanding of photography and its myriad applications, including marketable production knowledge and techniques. The curriculum emphasizes individual artistic development while integrating theory, experimentation, critique and professional preparedness.

Sports Communication and Media

Rowan is one of only a handful of national universities offering Sports Communication and Media. This interdisciplinary program is designed for students interested in the coverage, promotion, broadcasting and language of contemporary sport.

Strategic Communication

Formerly known as Minor in Advertising, this degree option is now available to all majors. Students are encouraged to start with the introductory classes (PR, Advertising, and Research) and leave Integrated Marketing Communication for the end of the minor. The remaining three classes can be taken in any order, at any time.

Technical & Professional Writing

This 18-hour minor allows students to study techniques and strategies used in genres of technical and professional writing, including within technical, medical, scientific, nonprofit, and other professional contexts. 

Writing Arts

Students studying Writing Arts will grow and develop as writers within a variety of writing genres, with opportunities to concentrate in creative writing, technical and professional writing, and publishing.