CUGS in Game Media Design

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CUGS in Game Media Design

Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Game Media Design

The Rowan University CUGS (Certificate of Undergraduate Study) in Game Media Design is a stepping stone to learning basic skills in the game media design industry. 

CUGS in Game Media Design Program Guide:
Suggested Course Sequence

If you are interested in the CUGs in Game Media Design, check out our home major, The Biomedical Art and Visualization BFA for more related courses!


Game Media Design CUGS, is a certifcate about the concept of play, outcomes and ideas through the design of rules, characters, game mechanics, environments and specific narratives. The important goal is to engage your audience a variety of unique interactive experiences.

  • CUGS in Game Media Design students learn teamwork, collaboration, and connection with other institutions, enrolling in courses in The Department of Art, Radio, TV and Film, Public Relations and Advertising and Music Indistry, the CUGS in GMD is a truly interdisciplinary certificate that creates a foundation for an introductory overview of developing game concepts, art and ideas for industry. With connections to the Rowan VR Center and Electrical and Computer Engineering, there are internship opportunities that provide real-world experience to creating 2D and 3D games. Students learn to experience different roles during game development, such as: concept artists, interface designer, texture artist, modeler, animator, environmental – level designer, and project manager!

  • CUGS in Game Media Design students enroll in the following sequence of courses: Introduction to Game Media Design: where you learn how games ideas are developed and different forms of games; Storyboarding and Animation: developing game narratives through previsualization and animation in 2D, 3D Digital Modeling: creating 3D environments and characters, Essentials of Design: learning the fundamentals of graphic design which impact game interface designs and on-screen type, shape and form; Game Audio Design: learning to develop electronic music which creates atmosphere and sound FXs and many more choices... 

  • CUGS in Game Media Design students use state-of-the Art technology with a broad use of different 2D, 3D and game engine software(s). From the desktop, to console development to the iPad and Android platforms; Game Design majors learn how to create art, game mechanics and narratives through different forms of technology. Our lab in Westby 216 is PC based gaming level machines shared and supported by the Biomedical Art and Visualization BFA Major, where students in both the major and CUGS share course content and development team work.


Need to add the CUGS in Game Media Design to your degree? Or an incoming student that wants to add the CUGS?  Please download the course sequence and email/make an appointment through RSN with our Professional Staff Advisor to help get you enrolled!  Rachel Budmen, contaact:

Faculty CUGS in Game Media Design Coordinator, Amanda Almon M.F.A. C.M.I., Associate Professor, Department of Radio, TV and Film / Department of Art. Contact: 

Student Work Examples - download our PDF (Game Design Chapter in the Biomedical Art and Visualization 2019 - 2022 Publication)