Minor in Film & TV Studies

Minor in Film & TV Studies

Minor in Film & Television Studies

The Minor in Film and Television Studies is designed for students looking to expand their knowledge of these media forms to complement their major field of studies. It offers students critical approaches to the study of film and television in media aesthetics, history, and theory. Students will also build skills in research, writing, and analysis that can be applied to a range of scholarly and professional contexts.

In this minor, students will take 21 credits (7 courses). Students begin with an introductory course in the analysis of media, critical thinking, and writing (RTF 03275 Applied Media Aesthetics). The minor also includes a series of core courses in film and television history, which includes background on the development of film and television as art forms, industries, and critical aspects of media culture in both US and global contexts. Finally, students may customize and deepen their knowledge of specific areas of interest with two program electives.

The specific list of courses can be found in the advising sheet (PDF).

For inquiries about the minor, please contact the RTF Adviser Gina Gondos - gondos@rowan.edu or Assistant Professor Paul Monticone - monticone@rowan.edu.