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Video: the quickest way to tell your story

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Launching January 2021


Rowan Productions is a new creative agency launching in 2021.

Led by an experienced producer and employing the best available student talent we're here to bring your stories to life through video.

So, whether you want to raise funds, inspire your audience or promote the impact of your work, we can help with professional project development, creative flair and competitive budgets.

How you tell your story online in increasingly important in these challenging times and video is the quickest way to get your message across.

Contact us now to discuss a project. Initial consultations are free.

Office address: 143 Bozorth Hall, 300 Memorial Circle, NJ 08028


Rowan Productions is a commercial creative agency set up by Rowan’s Radio, Television and Film Department to provide professional production services to the university, businesses and organizations in South Jersey.

The company is led by Jon Akass, a producer and businessman with 30 years professional experience in television, radio, film. Jon also runs the Client Media Production course at RTF.

The goal is to create a sustainable enterprise that provides clients with high quality productions and our students with paid employment.


Rowan Art Gallery

Producing films a number of short films to document the Solmi Exhibition and provide social media promotional content for the gallery. The goal is to present the artist and his work to audiences who cannot attend in person and to also provide educational material that can engage young people at schools and colleges in south Jersey with contemporary visual culture. 

Rowan University Wellness Center

Working with the center to create an online induction video. 

Henry M Rowan College of Engineering

Producing a presentation to Nasa on a student research project.