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Have questions about credits or your program? Here's how to find your academic advisor.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved outside of the classroom is a great way to network, make friends and build your portfolio. Check out our student organizations.

CCCA Scholarships

There are many ways to help fund your education through Edelman CCCA. Find out how.


Internships are key to building your portfolio as a CCCA student. Contact your internship coordinator for opportunites in your field.

Student TAPD Fund

The Student Travel and Professional Development (TAPD) Fund supports professionalization and preparedness for CCCA students. It also helps offset costs associated with travel and professional development. Check out how you can apply. 

University Scholarships

Rowan University's Office of Financial Aid offers many options for students to fund their education. Check out your options.

Creative Inquiry Scholarships

The Paul Grand and Sunitha Menon Rowan University Creative Inquiry Scholarships are fostering the next generation of creative achievers, visionaries, and leaders. Creative Inquiry Scholars are interested in approaching creative endeavors from collaborative, entrepreneurial, and applied perspectives, with a focus on social justice and an expansion of the “traditional” art audience. In a world where it is often claimed that we can’t anticipate what many of the jobs and careers of the future will be, Creative Inquiry Scholars will bring their unique, enduring perspective to our ever-changing global economy.

Wellness Center Resources

Need some assistance? Dedicated staff and licensed professionals collaborate to provide quality health and wellness clinical care to Rowan University students.