Current Students

At Rowan University, our primary concern is the student. We provides an environment where students can pursue academic endeavors, social growth, and individual self-discipline. Our faculty and staff are committed to student success, and endeavor to assist in every manner possible.

If you have a question, a problem, or a suggestion, speak up and reach out. Someone will find a way to guide you to an adequate solution. Start by contacting your department, or send an email to

Students are responsible for becoming and remaining informed of current program and graduation requirements, their status in the program, and their progress towards graduation. They are encouraged to pursue competitive internships, awards, and scholarships. They are provided with numerous opportunities to network, receive mentoring, and create lifelong friendships.

Talk to your advisor. When was the last time you visited a professor during office hours, to talk about the class, your needs and interests, and your personal and professional plans?
Be a person to your professor. Know your professor as a person. 

Join or form a study group. Explore the possibilities for adding a major, minor, or certificate to your degree. Actively research what required, related, and elective classes you could take to make this degree truly your own.

Much of the student learning happens outside of class, when personal and professional interests meet and explore, compare and shape the diversity of perspectives on what it means to be a communicator. Every day in class informs their future as individuals, as professionals, and as members of numerous networks of friends and colleagues. Their voices inform and influence not only our curriculum, but also the resources we make available to them, and to future students. Sooner or later, something wonderful happens and students find ways to give back to their community, their profession, and their Alma Mater. 

Take a look at the student clubs and student organizations, and find a way to get involved. Become a member or pursue a formal position in your pre-professional student organization. Look for a job, or an internship, or volunteering opportunities. Use your skills to build your future.

Get involved: be a leader, be a supporter, pay it forward. Create, communicate, connect.