Student Travel and Professional Development Fund

Student Travel and Professional Development Fund

Student Travel and Professional Development Fund


The Student Travel and Professional Development (TAPD) Fund supports professional preparedness for CCCA students. This fund helps offset costs associated with travel and professional development. Funds can be combined with additional department, university and personal resources.

All applications must be supported by a faculty or departmental statement attesting to the merits of the application.

Student TAPD provides students support of up to $500 in two areas:

  1. Travel related to academic area of study - Students must attend or present research or creative activities at academic or professional conferences. Preference will be given to those making a presentation. In cases where the applicant will not be presenting, the student statement and faculty letter of recommendation should address the importance of attendance for the student's professional development.
  2. Professional Development - This must be related to improved employability on the part of the student.

Application deadline: Rolling until funds expended. Read more or apply now. 


  1. Matriculated, full-time students in good standing at the university and making adequate progress toward graduation.
  2. One award per student per year. Maximum of two awards over a student’s undergraduate career.
  3. Teams of students may apply. Decisions will be made based on the team application and may not be subdivided or resubmitted if rejected.
  4. Applications must be submitted at least one month in advance of the travel. Any funding request received after that date will be automatically denied.
  5. All university-mandated travel request and reimbursements and any other forms must be completed, as required.

Evaluation Criteria for CCCA Student TAPD

Primary priorities for evaluation include:

  1. Projects that increase the student’s professional preparedness.
  2. Projects that increase the visibility of CCCA, either in the scholarly/creative world, in the community, or within Rowan University itself.
  3. Preference is given to students who have not previously received a Student TAPD.

Evaluation Process

  1. Decisions will be made by the dean and associate dean based on their perspectives of the merit of the proposal. All decisions are final.
  2. Proposals may be only partially funded based on the merit of the request and/or the availability of funding.


  1. All funds will be awarded for and expended by the end of the fiscal year on June 30.
  2. Funds may be used to offset costs related to airfare, hotel/lodging, meals and conference registration.
  3. Funds awarded may not be used for rental cars, drinks or entertainment, including conference-related events.


  1. Upon completion of the project, the student will present a report of approximately 250 words discussing gains based on the funding.
  2. Final reports are due by July 31.
  3. Reports should be submitted to the dean and associate dean at


  1. CCCA Student TAPD Fund Application - Applications should be submitted to

  2. Faculty / Department Statement of Support - This can be included with the student application or sent separately to: to