Research Events

Research Events


Fall Research Showcase 2022

Saturday, December 3
Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center
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Research Projects

Table 1 PR/ADV "They have to do something:” News Coverage of Climate Change and Generation Z
Table 2 PR/ADV Alternate Forms of Advertisements and How College Students Interact With Them
Table 3 PR/ADV College Students In Crisis
Table 4 PR/ADV College mental health at Rowan
Table 5 PR/ADV Analyzing how the rise of social media in society impacts student’s mental health
Table 6 Comm studies Attempting to Stop the Spread: Epistemic Responsibility and Platformed Responses to the COVID-19 “Infodemic”
Table 7 RTF Connecting Theory and Practice in a Post-Covid Creative Activity and Research Agenda
Table 8 RTF Work in Progress Film
Table 9 RTF Using Virtual Production & Game Engines for Narrative "Indie" Film Production
Table 10 PR/ADV Is social media creating negative body image
Table 11 Comm studies Communicating to the Public about Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes
Table 12 PR/ADV Communication During COVID-19
Table 13 PR/ADV Body image issues caused by social media
Table 15 PR/ADV The True Impact of Internal Factors on Organizational Authenticity during a Crisis: An Application of Fully Functioning Society Theory (FFST)
Table 16 Art Editorial Cartoons
Table 17 Sports comm First Time, Long Time: How Journalists Shaped the “Authentic” (and Lucrative) Identity of Sports Talk Radio
Table 18 PR/ADV How Do College Students Utilize TikTok?
Table 19 PR/ADV The influence of Influencers
Table 20 PR/ADV How the usage of TikTok effects mental health in teens and young adults
Table 21 PR/ADV Influence of Celebrity Scandals on Collaborations
Table 22 Art Jewelry Designs for Historical Figures
Table 23 Journalism Journalistic Roles and Practices of U.S. and Chinese Students:
A Comparative Approach
Table 24 PR/ADV NFL Kneeling Protest
Table 25 PR/ADV Trust in Influencer Advertising
Table 26 PR/ADV Productivity in College Students
Table 27 PR/ADV

social media fatigue caused by Instagram Cyberbullying

Table 28 Sports comm The Impact of Contact Sports
Table 29 PR/ADV How has the changes in American habits imoacted the increase of obesity rates?
Table 30 Writing Arts Singularity Press, Student-run Editing and Publishing Business
Table 31 PR/ADV Socail media and Climate Change
Table 32 PR/ADV Social media advertising and consumer engagement
Table 33 PR/ADV Strategic reliance on content creators in brand image repair through the lens of celebrity brand crisis in Depp v. Heard trial
Table 34 PR/ADV Sustainability and Fashion Trends
Table 35 Writing Arts The Creative Process" "Making a Grave-rubbing at Whitman's Tomb with Paper that's Too small
Table 36 PR/ADV Trust in influencer advertising
Table 37 Writing Arts The Factsheet Five Archive Project
Table 38 PR/ADV Brands love coffee
Table 39 Art Redesigning the Prof (Lapel Pins) and the Hand Fan: 3D Modeling and Design
Table 40 Art Jewerly  Design
Table 41 Art Smell fans
Table 42 Art Rowan re:wild - a collaborative environmental art installation
Table 43 RTF STEM VRCE: Broadening Participation in STEM Through Virtual Reality Career Exploration: Introducing Underrepresented Students to High Need STEM Careers
Table 44 Comm studies Oversharing the Super Safe Stuff: “Privacy-Washing” in Apple iPhone and Google Pixel Commercials
Table 45 Biomedical Art and Visualization Turret Gunner Survivability and Simulation Environment (TGSSE): Integration of Virtual/Augmented and Mixed Realities Battle Field Scenarios with Artificial Intelligence Detection, Human Factors Psychology, Sensors and Communications Design.
Table 46 Art Digital Media & Techniques 1
Table 47 Art Digital Media & Techniques 2
Table 48 Art Prototyping for full dome mapping of image and sound
Table 49 Art An Experiential Lab for Arts and Sciences

Room 221 for Writing Arts

Death is a Feeling Only I Can See: tentative title for a murder mystery
Daoist philosophy, your thoughts and health
Creative Reading (Fiction)
Creative Reading: Title is Lula, Burning
Short stories for children
The Power of Independent (Virtual) Trucking
A Multi-Genre Reading by Writing Arts MA Students
A Reading of Multi-Genre Creative Works by Writing Arts Faculty
Erasing the Book of Pregnancy: Poems, forthcoming from Seven Kitchens Press
Echoes of Profound Sadness
A selection of poems

Fall Research Showcase 2021

Saturday, December 4
Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center

Research Projects 
Table 1: Mental Health in Student and Professional Athletes, PR/ADV
Table 2: Climate Change: Effectiveness of Media Message, PR/ADV
Table 3: Advertising Research, PR/ADV
Table 4: Suitemates (TV Show Pitch and Show Bible made), RTF
Table 5: The Crisis in Washington, a Case Study of the Washington Football Team Name, PR/ADV & Comm Studies
Table 6: Virtual Learning Environments and Identity: A Rowan Case Study, Comm Studies
Table 7: Celebrity endorsement in Ads, PR/ADV
Table 8: How Chipotle Has Regained Consumer Trust Through Crisis Communication Strategies After Foodborne Illness Outbreaks in 2016, PR/ADV
Table 9: Coronavirus: Intentions & Opinions of NJ College Students, PR/ADV
Table 10: COVID-19 and the Safety Measures, PR/ADV
Table 11: Without Arrows (Work in Progress Documentary Film), RTF
Table 12: The impact of influencers and advertising styles on social media ads, PR/ADV
Table 13: COVID 19 and Political Party, PR/ADV
Table 14: The Effects of Online Learning, PR/ADV
Table 15: Migratory, Art
Table 16: How did Gen Z’s social media usage during the Covid-19 pandemic affect our mental health?, PR/ADV
Table 17: Behind the scenes of Amazon, PR/ADV
Table 18: Mental Health of Eagles Football Players, PR/ADV
Table 19: Correcting Misperceptions of Nicotine and Tobacco Products, Comm Studies
Table 20: It’s a Game”: A discourse analysis of Social Media Responses to the NFL Football is for Everyone Campaign, PR/ADV
Table 21: RISP model to predict COVID vaccination, PR/ADV
Table 40: Unapologetically Queer: Interviews with 12 Lesbian Public School Teachers, Writing Arts
Table 41: Articulating Ontological Inquiry as central to the Mission of Higher Education, Writing Arts
Table 42: Creative Writing--Children's and YA, Writing Arts
Table 43: Antiracist Infrastructure: Analyzing the YWCA’s Administrative Practices, Writing Arts
Table 44: Pattern and enamel on metal, Art
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