Research Events

Research Events


2024 Research colloquium events

Flyer for Public Relations & Advertising Colloquium on 2/22, 3/25 & 4/11


Flyer for Public Relations & Advertising Colloquium about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN PR PRACTICE on 2/22 at 12:30pm-1:30pm in Victoria 200.  

 Flyer for Public Relations & Advertising Colloquium about CONSUMER PERCEPTIONS OF MEAT AND ALTERNATIVE PROTEINS on 3/25 at 2pm-3pm in Enterprise 409.

Flyer for Public Relations & Advertising MEDIA FRAMING, ATTITUDES, AND PERCEPTIONS OF TRANSGENDERATHLETES’ PARTICIPATION IN SPORTS on 4/11 at 2pm-3pm in Victoria 200.

2023 CCCA Research Showcase 

Saturday, December 2nd
1-3 pm
Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center

Research Projects

First name Last name Department Project title
1 Miles Coleman Comm studies Vigilante Pseudoscience in OpenVAERS, a Science Denialist Data Dashboard
2 Gracemarie Fillenwarth Writing Arts Beyond the Pitch: Exploring the Process of Entrepreneurial Sales Communication
2 Emily Nolan Writing Arts Beyond the Pitch: Exploring the Process of Entrepreneurial Sales Communication
3 Rui Shi Health science Trend Analysis of the Electronic Cigarette Advertising Strategies in the U.S.
4 Amber Taylor Writing Arts Mississippi and Hawaii: A Comparison of Health Equity
5 Alison Novak PR/ADV Offshore Wind Energy Activism: Global Discourses of Protest and Support
6 Bo Kim PR/ADV
ChatGPT in PR Education & Practice: Ethical and Strategic AI Adoption and Use Behaviors by PR Practitioners and Students
7 Miles Coleman Comm studies Using AI to "See" Science and Science Denialism
7 Evan Garaizar Comm studies Using AI to "See" Science and Science Denialism
8 Kristine Johnson PR/ADV
Relational Perception as Participation in Podcasting: A Study of Narrative and Identity in Anything for Selena
9 Garrett Broad Comm studies Understanding the (Fake) Meat Debates: The Alternative Protein Ideological Circle
10 Trisha Kishinchandani PR/ADV Social Media and Romantic Relationships
10 Casey Flaherty PR/ADV How Instagram Affects romantic relationships
11 Mackenzie Criss PR/ADV Discussing how TikTok can desensitize/show unwanted content to users
12 Naomi Lorenzo PR/ADV Student’s Opinions’ on Mental Health Resources at Rowan University
12 Yamylka Pichardo PR/ADV Students Opnions' on Mental Health Resources at Rowan University
13 Brianna Roberts PR/ADV The impact of Tiktok on music artists: Flo
14 Abigail Twiford Journalism Centennial Presentation
15 Rianna Moses Journalism A photojournalists look around Glassboro
16 Cameron Main PR/ADV ChatGPT in the Classroom: The Utilization of AI in Higher Education
16 Fauve Haney PR/ADV ChatGPT in the Classroom: The Utilization of AI in Higher Education
17 Deena Dinetz PR/ADV The cost of social media influencers on mental health
17 Madison Davidson PR/ADV The cost of social media influencers on mental health
18 Kara Romanies PR/ADV Mood and music
18 Elena Vera PR/ADV Mood and music
19 Serena Klun PR/ADV Cognitive Psychology and the Effects of Video Games on Cognitive Skills
19 Sara Bayait PR/ADV Understanding consumer behavior through professional and human voice
20 Bryant Lopez PR/ADV TBD
20 Shane Delowery PR/ADV TBD
21 Skeff Thomas Art Decorative uses of Feldspathic Glazes with Underglaze
22 Sam Horowitz Art Faculty Research (In Our Image)
23 Krystle Lemonias Art Interdisciplinary Art focusing on Ceramics, Sustainability and Climate Change
24 Jennifer McGraw Sports comm Gender & Sports Media: Its Impact on Society and Culture
25 Heather Lanier Writing Arts Psalms of Unknowing: A Poetry Collection
26 Nancy Ohanian Art Editorial Cartoons
27 Herbert Appelson Art Multi Media Prints
28 Robby Gilbert Art From Altimira to Zoetrope: Moving Image Histories with an Eye Towards the Future
29 Aaron Stack PR/ADV Head Injuries in Sports
29 Matt White Journalism Sports head injuries
30 Michael Mendoza PR/ADV Social Media effects on Self esteem
30 Brian Salera PR/ADV Instagram’s Effects on Self-Esteem and Body Image
31 Ahmad Clark PR/ADV Impact of Music Video on Drug Perception
31 Mariah Dewland PR/ADV Impact of Music Video on Drug Perception
31 Demian Whitehead PR/ADV Impact of Music Video on Drug Perception
32 Jacob Ranke PR/ADV Cognitive Psychology and the Effects of Video Games on Cognitive Skills
32 Zackary Brown PR/ADV Cognitive Psychology and the Effects of Video Games on Cognitive Skills
33 Emma Engle PR/ADV Self esteem in college aged students as a result of photoshop and projected thin beauty standards
33 Madison Scafario PR/ADV How Influencer posts promoting thin body standards effect self esteem in consumers
34 Daniel Nunez PR/ADV TBD
34 Sebastian Benson PR/ADV TBD
35 Julia Richmond PR/ADV TBD
36 Megan Atwood Writing Arts Singularity Press
37, 38 Media Class   Art Advocating for Wildlife Conservation Day
39 Robby Gilbert Art Animation as a model for interdisciplinary study
40 Ryleigh Walker Art "Do U Like My Selfie / Do I Like Myself" Interactive Zine & Paper Toys
41 Mina Zarfsaz Art Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Cosmic Animated Short Reflecting on the Anthropocene
41 Maura Glines Art Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Cosmic Animated Short Reflecting on the Anthropocene
42 Aedan Rosolia Art
Collide i+i / A Meditative Living Exhibition for Rowan's Centennial; The Case for Earth, Not Planet B
43 Donna Sweigart Art Patterns on Metal and Stone
44 Noor Baig Art The Gallery Publication
Reading section Ron Block Writing Arts "Monster" (prose poetry)
Reading section Cat Reed Writing Arts The Journals of Death: A Novel-in-Progress
Reading section Nyds Rivera Writing Arts "to break the hearts of mothers: a Poetry Collection In-Progress"
Reading section Kate Bond Writing Arts Unsettled: A Memoir in Lyric Essays-in-Progress
Reading section Sofia Kolojeski Writing Arts She Too Shall Rise-Young Adult fantasy novel (in progress)
Reading section Sean Wolff Writing Arts the edge of the Ave: a poetry collection in progress
Reading section Drew Kopp Writing Arts "Turning Toward Rhetorical Figures of Transformation"


PR/ADV department launches Research Colloquium


Registration for 2023 Research Showcase has started! 


2022 CCCA Research Showcase 

Saturday, December 3
Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center
Program and event map

Research Projects

Table 1 PR/ADV "They have to do something:” News Coverage of Climate Change and Generation Z
Table 2 PR/ADV Alternate Forms of Advertisements and How College Students Interact With Them
Table 3 PR/ADV College Students In Crisis
Table 4 PR/ADV College mental health at Rowan
Table 5 PR/ADV Analyzing how the rise of social media in society impacts student’s mental health
Table 6 Comm studies Attempting to Stop the Spread: Epistemic Responsibility and Platformed Responses to the COVID-19 “Infodemic”
Table 7 RTF Connecting Theory and Practice in a Post-Covid Creative Activity and Research Agenda
Table 8 RTF Work in Progress Film
Table 9 RTF Using Virtual Production & Game Engines for Narrative "Indie" Film Production
Table 10 PR/ADV Is social media creating negative body image
Table 11 Comm studies Communicating to the Public about Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes
Table 12 PR/ADV Communication During COVID-19
Table 13 PR/ADV Body image issues caused by social media
Table 15 PR/ADV The True Impact of Internal Factors on Organizational Authenticity during a Crisis: An Application of Fully Functioning Society Theory (FFST)
Table 16 Art Editorial Cartoons
Table 17 Sports comm First Time, Long Time: How Journalists Shaped the “Authentic” (and Lucrative) Identity of Sports Talk Radio
Table 18 PR/ADV How Do College Students Utilize TikTok?
Table 19 PR/ADV The influence of Influencers
Table 20 PR/ADV How the usage of TikTok effects mental health in teens and young adults
Table 21 PR/ADV Influence of Celebrity Scandals on Collaborations
Table 22 Art Jewelry Designs for Historical Figures
Table 23 Journalism Journalistic Roles and Practices of U.S. and Chinese Students:
A Comparative Approach
Table 24 PR/ADV NFL Kneeling Protest
Table 25 PR/ADV Trust in Influencer Advertising
Table 26 PR/ADV Productivity in College Students
Table 27 PR/ADV

social media fatigue caused by Instagram Cyberbullying

Table 28 Sports comm The Impact of Contact Sports
Table 29 PR/ADV How has the changes in American habits imoacted the increase of obesity rates?
Table 30 Writing Arts Singularity Press, Student-run Editing and Publishing Business
Table 31 PR/ADV Socail media and Climate Change
Table 32 PR/ADV Social media advertising and consumer engagement
Table 33 PR/ADV Strategic reliance on content creators in brand image repair through the lens of celebrity brand crisis in Depp v. Heard trial
Table 34 PR/ADV Sustainability and Fashion Trends
Table 35 Writing Arts The Creative Process" "Making a Grave-rubbing at Whitman's Tomb with Paper that's Too small
Table 36 PR/ADV Trust in influencer advertising
Table 37 Writing Arts The Factsheet Five Archive Project
Table 38 PR/ADV Brands love coffee
Table 39 Art Redesigning the Prof (Lapel Pins) and the Hand Fan: 3D Modeling and Design
Table 40 Art Jewerly  Design
Table 41 Art Smell fans
Table 42 Art Rowan re:wild - a collaborative environmental art installation
Table 43 RTF STEM VRCE: Broadening Participation in STEM Through Virtual Reality Career Exploration: Introducing Underrepresented Students to High Need STEM Careers
Table 44 Comm studies Oversharing the Super Safe Stuff: “Privacy-Washing” in Apple iPhone and Google Pixel Commercials
Table 45 Biomedical Art and Visualization Turret Gunner Survivability and Simulation Environment (TGSSE): Integration of Virtual/Augmented and Mixed Realities Battle Field Scenarios with Artificial Intelligence Detection, Human Factors Psychology, Sensors and Communications Design.
Table 46 Art Digital Media & Techniques 1
Table 47 Art Digital Media & Techniques 2
Table 48 Art Prototyping for full dome mapping of image and sound
Table 49 Art An Experiential Lab for Arts and Sciences

Room 221 for Writing Arts

Death is a Feeling Only I Can See: tentative title for a murder mystery
Daoist philosophy, your thoughts and health
Creative Reading (Fiction)
Creative Reading: Title is Lula, Burning
Short stories for children
The Power of Independent (Virtual) Trucking
A Multi-Genre Reading by Writing Arts MA Students
A Reading of Multi-Genre Creative Works by Writing Arts Faculty
Erasing the Book of Pregnancy: Poems, forthcoming from Seven Kitchens Press
Echoes of Profound Sadness
A selection of poems

2021 CCCA Fall Research Showcase 

Saturday, December 4
Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center

Research Projects 
Table 1: Mental Health in Student and Professional Athletes, PR/ADV
Table 2: Climate Change: Effectiveness of Media Message, PR/ADV
Table 3: Advertising Research, PR/ADV
Table 4: Suitemates (TV Show Pitch and Show Bible made), RTF
Table 5: The Crisis in Washington, a Case Study of the Washington Football Team Name, PR/ADV & Comm Studies
Table 6: Virtual Learning Environments and Identity: A Rowan Case Study, Comm Studies
Table 7: Celebrity endorsement in Ads, PR/ADV
Table 8: How Chipotle Has Regained Consumer Trust Through Crisis Communication Strategies After Foodborne Illness Outbreaks in 2016, PR/ADV
Table 9: Coronavirus: Intentions & Opinions of NJ College Students, PR/ADV
Table 10: COVID-19 and the Safety Measures, PR/ADV
Table 11: Without Arrows (Work in Progress Documentary Film), RTF
Table 12: The impact of influencers and advertising styles on social media ads, PR/ADV
Table 13: COVID 19 and Political Party, PR/ADV
Table 14: The Effects of Online Learning, PR/ADV
Table 15: Migratory, Art
Table 16: How did Gen Z’s social media usage during the Covid-19 pandemic affect our mental health?, PR/ADV
Table 17: Behind the scenes of Amazon, PR/ADV
Table 18: Mental Health of Eagles Football Players, PR/ADV
Table 19: Correcting Misperceptions of Nicotine and Tobacco Products, Comm Studies
Table 20: It’s a Game”: A discourse analysis of Social Media Responses to the NFL Football is for Everyone Campaign, PR/ADV
Table 21: RISP model to predict COVID vaccination, PR/ADV
Table 40: Unapologetically Queer: Interviews with 12 Lesbian Public School Teachers, Writing Arts
Table 41: Articulating Ontological Inquiry as central to the Mission of Higher Education, Writing Arts
Table 42: Creative Writing--Children's and YA, Writing Arts
Table 43: Antiracist Infrastructure: Analyzing the YWCA’s Administrative Practices, Writing Arts
Table 44: Pattern and enamel on metal, Art
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