Are you an employer with a job or internship opportunity? Employers seeking to participate in the department’s internship program should complete this form: _docs/internship-form.docx

An internship is a course undertaken outside the classroom in which students, under supervision, perform tasks, test theories, and exercise skills learned in the classroom. In the College of Communication and Creative Arts, internships are available in many of our programs.

Internships are typically performed in a commercial setting, where a student trains under the guidance of a professional mentor. Interships provides student with the opportunity to evaluate their interest in potential careers, apply the theory learned in class to practical experiences, develop their skills in organizational relationships, and build their resume fro future employment.

Each 3-credit course requires students to perform 120 supervised hours of work. Where 6-credit internships are available, they require 240 hours of supervised work. Students are limited to 6 credit hours (240 on-site hours) of internship. In special cases, with a faculty advisor's consent, a student may apply for an additional 3 hours.

In order to complete a credit-bearing internship, students should complete the following process:

1. Meet with their advisor to determine if the internship is appropriate and the requirements for internship participation have been met.

2. Fill out appropriate departmental approval forms and get needed signatures.

3. Seek out an internship opportunity (AFTER approval by program) through one or more of the following:

  • ProfJobs
  • Instructors’ leads
  • Students’ own contacts
  • The Rowan Career Management Center (a site with additional opportunities)
  • The Internship Bulletin Board in Bozorth Hall (next to the Boz. 105 office complex)

4. Fill out appropriate forms and get departmental sigatures.

5. Obtain job details and signature from the host supervisor on the appropriate forms.

6. Submit the completed form to the current faculty internship coordinator or department chair of the department granting the internship credits, or to the individual indicated upon the form.

7. Register for the course. Students must be registered for the course during the semester in which they are interning—not the semester before or after. In some cases, you will need a signature to register, so the other items should be completed and approved before you register.

8. Attend the internship orientation session for your program as notified.

Students who fail to gain departmental approval until after starting the internship will not be permitted to register for the course.

A grade for the internship will be determined after the student has provided the required work to the instructor. In most cases, this will include a log of on-the-job hours, portfolio of work, written critique, and evaluations from the on-site supervisor. Specifics regarding these assignments, and others required by the specific department, will be provided by that department.

For specific information about internships in each program, please contact the respective department intership coordinator.