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We Are One Team


We Are One Team (WA1T) is a student-led, university-wide umbrella initiative for projects and programming that promote diversity and inclusion through sport on American college campuses. Launched in the 2020 spring semester, the initiative uses sport as a lens to address topics such as gender equality, race/ethnicity, religion, nationality/citizenship, LGBTQ issues, (dis)ability, mental health, and stereotypes. The following four goals guide the work of WA1T:

  1. Use sport to create a dialogue on social justice issues by highlighting marginalized voices and by creating awareness of social injustice in our community.
  2.  Use sport to promote friendship between stereotyped groups on campus.
  3. Use sport to facilitate an environment that values inclusion, diversity, and acceptance
  4. Use sport to create a strong network of partners, collaborators, and supporters to collaboratively create positive social change at Rowan University and beyond.

At Rowan University, WA1T will host panel discussions and speaker events focused on diversity, inclusion, and social justice in sport, create event series aimed at bringing people together and run a social media campaign featuring members of the Rowan University community sharing messages of acceptance and inclusion. Past projects of WA1T include the WA1T Sporting Days, an event series bringing together student-athletes and international students, the WA1T Team Run/Walk, and speaker events featuring high-profile athletes such as Robbie Rogers (first openly gay male athlete to compete in any of the five major North American sport leagues) and Jessica Long (second-most decorated Paralympic athlete in U.S. history). In addition, to programming open to the whole campus community, WA1T hosts professional development opportunities specifically designed for student-athletes as well as athletics coaches and administrators to enhance their diversity and inclusion competencies and strengthen inclusive leadership skills. One such program, the WA1T Team Player Program, is a first-of-its-kind, award-winning inclusive leadership certificate program specifically designed for student-athletes that will welcome its first cohort in the fall of 2020.

The initiative, which was launched at Bowling Green State University in 2015 and was awarded the NCAA Award for Diversity and Inclusion in 2017, will allow students and student-athletes at Rowan to use their passion for sport to promote diversity and inclusion and, by doing so, increase the sense of community on campus. 

Are you interested in getting involved with WA1T? We are always looking for interested students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff to leave their mark on campus and get involved with WA1T! For more information on WA1T – or if you are interested in joining the leadership team for the initiative – please reach out to faculty advisor Dr. Julia Richmond (richmondj@rowan.edu). We look forward to hearing from you!