Edelman CCCA Alumni

Edelman CCCA Alumni

CCCA Alumni

Dear Alumni:

We want to thank you for your generous support of your College of Communication & Creative Arts and provide an update on what your contributions have allowed us to accomplish. In the past few years, we've created a television broadcasting facility that prepares our students for working in the industry, transformed classrooms into multimedia laboratories, and updated classroom technology for recording and analysis of student presentations. Contributions also continue to assist us in opportunities for student research. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the college and grateful that we can make such improvements, due in part to the financial support of alumni like you.

For the coming year, we will be working to grow some of our newer programs, including a new media concentration and certificates of graduate study in Radio/TV/Film, Creative Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, and Editing and Publishing, as well as enhancing and maintaining existing programs. We continue to work on program assessments that allow us to show our successes and help us to maintain our continual growth and improvement. College colloquia, student workshops/presentations, and blogs will showcase the work of our faculty, staff, and students in the upcoming year and provide fertile ground for the growth of new and exciting plans.

We want you to experience what we are doing and would love to have you visit us here in the college during one of our open house sessions or the many other events held throughout the year. Keep your eye on this website or the RowanCCCA social media sites.

Thanks again for all you do in support of your College of Communication & Creative Arts.