Megan Atwood

Megan Atwood

Megan Atwood
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Megan Atwood
Writing Arts

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B.A. University of Iowa
M.F. A. Hamline University

Megan Atwood (she/her) has been working with story in one capacity or another for over 20 years. She founded an imprint through a publishing company for the young adult audience, worked as an acquiring editor and as a literary agent, and has written and published over 65 books. At Rowan, she founded Singularity Press, an editorial service that provides inexpensive editing and publishing services for clients while giving students invaluable publishing experience. You can keep up with her publications and events at

Research Interests

Creative Writing, specifically genre writing, children's literature, and novels


Genre Writing; Writing Children's Stories; Creative Writing I;  Genre Writing; Professions in Publishing; Writing the Novel


The Portal (Capstone Press, 2023)

The Other (Capstone Press, 2023)

"A Grim Decision" and "It's a Trap" in Ghost Stories to Scare Your Socks Off! (Capstone Press, 2023)

"Hanging by a Thread" and "In a Blink of an Eye" in Monster Stories to Scare your Socks Off! (Capstone Press, 2023)

"Light as a Feather" and "The Sneaky Cat" in Sorcery Stories to Scare Your Socks Off!' "Zomb-E" and "Dead Eyes" in Zombie Stories to Scare Your Socks Off! (Capstone Press, 2023).

A sampling of other publications: The Devils You Know (Soho Teen, 2017)

Ice Cream Summer (SImon & Schuster, 2017); Once Upon a Winter (Simon & Shuster, 2017)

A Fall for Friendship (Simon & Schuster, 2018); A Spring to Remember (Simon & Shuster 2019)