MA in Strategic Communication

MA in Strategic Communication

M.A. in Strategic Communication (33 s.h.)

formerly known as M.A. in Public Relations (MAPR) 

Do you have additional questions about our graduate program? Please contact
Dr. Bokyung Kim, Graduate Program Coordinator

For more than 30 years, the Master of Arts in Public Relations at Rowan University has been helping students who seek to build careers in public relations and its related fields. Our graduates serve organizations of all types throughout the country. 

The newly renamed Master of Arts in Strategic Communication has a more flexible structure in terms of both timing and specialization. Students have the freedom to focus on coursework that best matches their professional interests: media relations, strategic writing, event planning and management, visual communication, online public relations, or school public relations. 

Most faculty members who teach in our graduate program have advanced degrees and they all serve as practitioner consultants, trainers, planners, and researchers in their fields. They are experienced educators in public relations, public affairs, advertising, and integrated marketing communication. Each graduate student has access to individual consultations and mentoring provided by faculty and the immediate professional network supporting the program. 

Most of our students work full time or part time. Some undergraduate students are taking graduate classes as part of their 'senior privilege' option. Our program can be completed via evening face-to-face classes, online classes, taking a full-time or part-time load, even one course at a time. 

Graduation timeline: students attending full-time may be able to complete the program course requirements in one calendar year if taking advantage of all our fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions. Students attending part-time generally complete the course requirements over 2-3 years. 

Our students typically choose or advance career paths as counselors, specialists, and managers in teams conducting communication and public relations for corporations, businesses, industries, schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations. Many of our alumni work for--or run their own--public relations and advertising firms. Some graduates use their M.A. in Strategic Communication as a stepping stone to a doctorate in communication-related fields, while others apply their skills in positions spanning the entire spectrum of for-profit, non-profit, education, and public policy organizations.  

Admission Requirements & Process: 

  • Online application via Rowan Global portal
  • Take General GRE test and send official score to Rowan University. Subject GRE test is not required. 
  • Send undergraduate/graduate official grade transcript to Rowan University. 
  • Pre-requisite foundation coursework: publication layout and design (MAPR 02317, not included in 33 s.h.). Foundation coursework can be waived with adequate proof of prior coursework or professional work in publication layout and design, completed during past five years. The waiver is requested from, and approved by, the program coordinator.
  • Writing samples from applicant's portfolio of brochures, flyers, statements, news stories, and other written/printed/published professional works. Term papers should not be used as writing samples.
  • International applicants: same requirements as domestic applicants, plus language/visa/educational credential process as explained on the Rowan University International Admissions site. If you have additional questions, please contact the program coordinator. 
  • Senior privilege approval process
    • Do you qualify? GPA 3.5 or higher; 90 or more credits completed in the Public Relations or Advertising major.
    • Contact Prof. Kim for more details. 

The program is divided into three primary focus areas: Corporate Public Relations, Educational Public Relations, and Public Affairs. To complete the program, students must successfully earn a minimum of 33 semester hours (36 if a foundation course in publication layout and design is needed), maintain a 3.0 GPA, pass a comprehensive exam, and complete an approved graduate project.

Graduate Project. In order to graduate from the M.A. in Strategic Communication program, students must complete a graduate project on any aspect of public affairs, educational communication, or corporate communication to complete the program. The project adds academic rigor to the program and provides students with the opportunity to conduct original research and publish their findings. Graduate project topics range from advertising, corporate communication, crisis management, consulting, education, community relations, new media, to integrated marketing communication and strategic planning.

Graduate Thesis Titles, Spring 2019 

  • Dr. Suzanne FitzGerald, Department Chair and Master’s Project Advisor
  • Dr. Bokyung Kim, Graduate Program Advisor and Master’s Project Advisor
  • Jason Bruey. Using Engagement and Transparency to Create Fitness Center Loyalty and Increase Enrollment
  • Nicole Collins. The Efficacy of Live Entertainment Appeals to Better Engage Millennials
  • Jennifer Green. Music Industry Marketing: Exploring Conversational Human Voice and Purchase Habits
  • Hope Holroyd. How YouTube Celebrities Drive Brand Awareness to Gen Y and Z through Sponsored Content
  • Georgia Maitland. An Analysis of Millennial Online Dating Culture: Transactional vs. Relational Interactions
  • Christine Mora. Expectation and Engagement of Generation Z in the Multigenerational Workplace
  • Alaina Murphy. Sustainable Packaging: Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Nick Sammartino. Analyzing Two Mindsets and their Impact on the Perception of Promoted Messages
  • Carlie Widdifield. Peer to Peer Engagement on Instagram: Advocating Travel Envy Among Millennials

Financial Aid. In some semesters the Department of Public Relations and Advertising offers graduate work assistantships to qualified students. Financial aid information is available through Rowan Global.


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