Programmatic Growth

Programmatic Growth

Programmatic Growth

Our college celebrated three anniversaries over the past five years, highlighting important achievements which pioneered our current growth. The past five years also introduced new programs, undergraduate and graduate degrees, minors, certificates, and concentrations. Noteable programs are featured below.

To provide more resources and opportunites for our students, Edelman CCCA also introduced four centers over the last five years. These centers provide experiences for students outside of the classroom to guide new ways of experiential learning.

B.A. in Health & Science Communication

The Health and Science Communication (HSC) program is a unique, interdisciplinary program made up of students and faculty who are curious about health and science, who facilitate public engagement with complex information, and who advocate for life-saving and sustaining change.

Diana King M.A. in Television Studies

The Diana King Master of Arts in Television Studies encourages students to explore the principals of writing for, on, or about, television. Central to our approach, as noted in our program goals, is the conviction that students will benefit from our three distinct pathways - screenwriting, critical writing and academic writing.

Minor in Photography

Rowan's aspiring photographers celebrated the opening of a new Mac lab in Westby Hall in 2021. Thanks to one of Edelman CCCA's generous donors, students gained access to new, top-of-the-line photography equipment and upgraded dark room facilities. This fostered greater inclusion and access to this form of artistic education because students previously may have been deterred from the field due to prohibitive equipment costs. Beyond providing this physical space, the funding supports additional projects, like a speaker series that brings together renowned international photographers, as well as the creation of
a new Coordinator of Entrepreneurship, Visibility and Professionalization position to increase the visibility of the Art program and its students' professional pursuits.

Concentration with Studio Incamminati

The Concentration in Contemporary Realist Art through Rowan University and Philadelphia’s Studio Incamminati gives students the unique opportunity to earn a comprehensive BFA from an accredited university while receiving rigorous fine arts training in a studio setting.

CUGS in Esports Industry & Entertainment Experience (EIEX)

The rise of esports (electronic sports) has created a wide variety of workforce opportunities but few universities offer training in those subject areas. The Esports Industry & Entertainment Experience (EIEX) Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS), an interdisciplinary program housed within the College of Communication and Creative Arts, will meet the rising academic demand for esports training.

Experiential Learning

The Hub of Experiential Learning Opportunities (HELO) offers students, faculty, and partners in the community the opportunity to learn about the many experiential learning opportunities possible in our college. HELO’s goal is to support students in transforming themselves--and the world around them--through experiential learning. It provide faculty with resources to help integrate experiential learning into their classrooms and connects local businesses and nonprofits with students to partner together on impactful projects.