Excellence in Research & Creative Activities

Excellence in Research & Creative Activities

Excellence in Research & Creative Activities

Edelman CCCA increased our focus on scholarly initiatives and creative activities throughout the past five years. Alongside the growth of the university, our faculty and staff pioneered and participated in different studies and projects including a Sundance-featured documentary, a grant to create virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence system with the United States Army, research in DEI, and much more. In 2021, Edelman CCCA also launched its first Fall Research Showcase for students and faculty, which was followed by a second showcase in 2022.

Amanda Almon

A team of biomedical art students and faculty, led by Amanda Almon, an associate professor and program coordinator for Biomedical Art & Visualization (BMAV), will create storyboards, illustrations and 3D models of the visual environment in the VR simulation for the U.S. Army.

Megan Atwood

Meagn Atwood (Writing Arts) has published an astounding 60 books, mainly in the mystery, horror and sci-fi/fantasy genres, and loves nothing more than teaching and inspiring her students to find their writing voice too.

David Bianculli

An associate professor in the RTF department – and a TV critic for more than 40 years – David Bianculli has produced a 550-page modern history of the medium in The Platinum Age of Television: From I Love Lucy to The Walking Dead, How TV Became Terrific. In November of 2016, Bianculli dropped his fourth book...

Angela Cirucci

Angela Cirucci, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, sets a research focus on equity and inclusion through virtual learning environments. In the pandemic-induced move to virtual learning environments (VLEs), she noticed that, while professors and students alike were trained in how to use the technical tools, little thought was given to the ways in which digital affordances had an impact on students' identities. 

Miles Coleman

Dr. Miles Coleman, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies collaborates with Dr. Charles Schutte of the School of Environmental Science and two undergraduates Brandon Simon and Matthew Pierce to  upload simulated bird sounds from 1970 and 2017, then project further losses to the year 2065, to demonstrate the crisis.

Jen Kitson

In September 2020, Jen Kitson was jointly appointed to the Department of Art to support “creative geographies'' as a new area of emphasis. This interdisciplinary approach describes the use of art practices and perspectives to both study and activate place, space, and environments.

Heather Lanier

Heather Lanier (Writing Arts) received great reviews for her memoir, Raising a Rare Girl. The book highlights Lanier’s daughter with a deeply personal account on the struggles and joys of parenting a child with a very ray condition, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Alison Novak

Alison Novak (PR/Advertising) currently researches a project funded by NJDEA Wind Energy: "Public Opinion and New Jersey's Offshore Wind Energy Development." The development and introduction of new energy sources in a region has historically interested and engaged the public in debate and discussion over their use, impact, and purpose.

Nancy Ohanian

In 2018, The National Press Foundation has announced that Art Professor Nancy Ohanian, whose syndicated political illustrations are published in some 250 newspapers each week, has won the pres- tigious Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartoons.

Jon Olshefski

Though the success of a project may seem swift, the creative process is often slow and tedious. Jonathan Olshefski, an associate professor in the Department of Radio, Television & Film, reached instant critical acclaim after his documentary QUEST became one of 113 films out of nearly 14,000 submissions selected for the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. In June, QUEST premiered on PBS, reaching a national audience.

Emil Steiner

Emil Steiner (Sports Communication & Media) sets research areas in contemporary media rituals and texts and the convergence of technology and culture. His work titled “Decade of Esports Scholarship: An organizing review of the academic literature on competitive video game play, 2010-2020” was presented at the 2021 International Communication Association Conference.

Christopher Winkler

Christopher Winkler (RTF) works alongside researchers from the College of Education to earn a National Science Foundation grant to help introduce STEM careers to high school students in rural South Jersey.