The MA in Writing: Teaching Experience Program

The MA in Writing: Teaching Experience Program

The MA in Writing: Teaching Experience Program


The Teaching Experience Program (TEP), a program offered by the Master of Arts in Writing, allows students to teach college composition as paid adjunct instructors while completing a Master of Arts in Writing. They can then earn money at the same rate and on the same biweekly schedule as adjunct instructors. Students can apply this money toward tuition or other expenses.

This is not remitted tuition but rather a paid position, wherein student may earn money approximately equal to tuition and fees. Another important benefit of the program is that students will gain experience teaching on the college level, which is often a requirement for students looking for higher education teaching positions.

Students accepted into the MA in Writing and TEP will teach at least one class every semester as they take their own classes in creative writing, writing studies, and new media that comprise the 30-credit MA in Writing.

Before the fall semester begins, there will be an orientation for new TEP students. Then, in the first semester, as TEP students teach their first college-level composition class, they will take a teaching practicum course that will guide them through the process. The professor teaching Practicum will be their mentor, and they will be working with a community of students who are teaching the same course.

In their second semester TEP students will take another course called Issues in Composition Studies that will give them a larger vision of the theory, discussions, and debates going on regarding the teaching of college composition. After that, as students continue to teach, they will be taking a sequence of courses that they can work out with the graduate coordinator.

The Teaching Experience Program has a two-year and a three-year program for completion of the MA in Writing, so students can complete the program relatively quickly or at a slower pace if they wish.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility
Along with their regular program application materials, students wishing to apply for a TEP position will be asked to provide a one-two page statement explaining their interest in teaching. At the top of the first page it should have the heading: "Application for Teaching Experience Program."

• Students accepted into the MA program will then be interviewed by the Practicum instructor and MA and First Year Writing Coordinators to determine recipients of TEP positions.
• Students wishing to continue as TEP instructors must receive a "B" or above in all of their graduate coursework.
• First year TEP instructors must receive satisfactory student evaluations and teaching observations from both (a) the Practicum and/or Issues instructors and (b) a member of the First Year Writing faculty who will be conducting classroom observations as part of the adjunct review process.
• During the second year, TEP students will be required to complete the adjunct review procedure already in place in the First Year Writing Program.
• Students not meeting these requirements will not be eligible for renewal as TEP instructors.

If you have questions or need further explanation of any of the above, or if you wish to discuss how the compensation package works, please contact:

Katie Budris, Senior Lecturer
Graduate Coordinator - Master of Arts in Writing
Department of Writing Arts