Contact Writing Arts

Contact Writing Arts

Contact Writing Arts

For Fall 2020, please contact us by email rather than calling, as our hours on campus are often more limited.​

Department Chair
Drew Kopp
Phone: 856-256-4847
Office: 404 Victoria

Dawn Schulde
Phone: 856-256-4345
Office: 500 Victoria

Rose Attanasi 
Phone: 856-256-4096
Office: 400 Victoria

Department Fax: 856-256-5730

Graduate Advisor
Ron Block 
Phone: 856-256-4345
Office: 511 Victoria

Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
Amy Reed 
Phone: 856-256-4345
Office: 507 Victoria

First Year Writing Coordinator
Amy Woodworth
Phone: 856-256-4313
Office: 403 Victoria

Director of Rowan Writing Center
Celeste Del Russo
Phone: 856-256-4163
Office: 408 Victoria 131 and 131 Campbell Library (1st floor)