Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Writing: Overview

The Master of Arts in Writing (housed within the Department of Writing Arts) encourages students to explore the principals of craft and the practices of writing. Central to our approach toward writing, as noted in our program goals, is the conviction that student benefit from exposure to and experimentation with multiple genres.

In fulfilling the program requirements of the MA in Writing, student may focus on a central area of interest or create a diverse course of study that explores the intersections between creative writing, professional writing, new media, journalism, writing studies, and writing pedagogy.

Those who will benefit from the Master of Arts in Writing and the we offer include:

  • Creative writers interested in writing and publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, writing for children and young adults, or other genres
    • Educators who currently teach K-12 or who wish to teach writing on the college level
    • Professionals who write regularly at work or who aspire to writing-related careers
    • Students who wish to prepare for advanced graduate work leading to the MFA or PhD.

Of particular interest to those students who wish to teach on the college level is our Teaching Experience Program, which allows students to teach Rowan University college composition courses as paid adjunct instructors while completing the Master of Arts in Writing. Students may also apply for paid tutorial positions at the Rowan University Writing Center

For students currently enrolled in the Writing Arts major, we offer the Combined Advanced Degree Program in Writing Arts (also known as 4+1) which allows students to complete both a BA in Writing Arts and an MA in Writing in five years.

Undergraduates of any major who meet the requirements may take our graduate classes for undergraduate credit through Senior Privilege.  Upon admission to the MA in Writing, these credits may be to graduate credit.

Along with the MA, we also offer nine-credit Certificates of Graduate Study (COGS) in Creative Writing, Publishing, and Composition and Rhetoric. These credits may be applied to the Master of Arts in Writing.


Among the many opportunities, students taking Editing and Publishing the Literary Journal can participate in the editing and production of Glassworks Literary Magazine. Internships with Glassworks and other area publishers are also available.

The Toni Libro Outstanding Master of Arts in Writing Student is awarded to a Master of Arts in Writing student who has demonstrated outstanding course performance, exceptional writing ability, and strong professionalism. This award is sponsored by Dr. Antoinette Libro, former dean of the College of Communication.

Over the years, Rowan has been the site for readings, presentations, and master classes by Neil Gaiman, comic book therapist Scott McCloud, Pulitzer Prize Winners Patti Smith and Philip Schultz,  Newbery honoree Rita Williams-Garcia, and may other national figures.

The MA in Writing Facebook page is very active:​.


Application process: Applications to the Master of Arts in Writing are administered by . No GRE is required to apply.

For more information contact:

Katie Budris, Graduate Program Coordinator 

For information about specific courses listed in program requirements, as well as other offerings, please see the Graduate Catalog.