Get Involved with the Center for Neurodiversity

Get Involved with the Center for Neurodiversity

Get Involved with the Center for Neurodiversity

Looking for ways to get involved with Rowan's Center for Neurodiversity? Check out these two programs that are being run this semester! 

Neurodivergent Employee Resource Group

The Neurodivergent Employee Resource Group is a private community for neurodivergent Rowan faculty and staff. Group members offer resources and support to one another by listening, sharing, and/or assisting each other around neurodivergence. 'Neurodiversity' is the full range of variations in cognition, learning, behavior, and socialization that exists within the population. Being 'neurodivergent' refers to having a brain/mind that may function differently than socially established norms. Individuals identifying as neurodivergent may include those labeled with dyspraxia, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, autism, and Tourette syndrome.

All meetings will be held virtually. If you identify as neurodivergent or think you may identify as neurodivergent, you are welcome here!

To join this group, please sign up at or email Serena Powell at

Upcoming Spring 2023 Meetings:

Friday, February 24th at 9am

Friday, March 24th at 9am

Friday, April 21st at 9am


Spring Book Study: We’re Not Broken

Join the Center for Neurodiversity’s spring book study: We’re Not Broken: Changing the Austism Conversation, by Eric Garcia. The book study is co-sponsored by Center for Neurodiversity, PATH, Rowan University’s Neurodiversity Employer Resource Group, and Neurodiversity Affinity Group for Faculty and Staff.  For more information, please contact:


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