Portfolio Seminar

Portfolio Seminar

Portfolio Seminar

If you are a Writing Arts major or minor, or have chosen the Writing Arts sequence in your Liberal Studies major, you are required to take Portfolio Seminar. Note to minors and Liberal Studies students: Once you sign up for Portfolio Seminar, you will be assigned a faculty member from Writing Arts to read your analysis statement, which is written during the class.

Please click on the Commonly Asked Questions-By Students link below if you are planning to take Portfolio Seminar and wondering why the schedule says TBA, if you're wondering what semester is best for you to take the course, or to address other questions about the course.


The Department of Writing Arts has adopted a set of core values we want our undergraduates to achieve. Whether you plan to be a professional writer, teacher of young writers, or something else, we believe all students should meet these core values.

Portfolio Seminar is one of two senior-level capstone courses (along with Evaluating Writing) in the Writing Arts undergraduate programs. Portfolio Seminar is a one-credit course for which you submit an electronic portfolio of work completed during your Writing Arts career. The portfolio is then reviewed and evaluated by your advisor. For all students in the College of Communication and Creative Arts, your advisor is now listed in Banner on your GRAD screen. Please follow this link for Student Self Service and log into your account.

Portfolio Seminar provides you the opportunity to reflect on your Writing Arts career via an analysis statement. This analysis statement (or AS) demonstrates your achievement of the department's core values through the other portfolio writings. The AS will constitute the major portion of your Portfolio Seminar grade.

Any questions should be directed to your advisor or the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Programs, Amy Reed (reeda@rowan.edu), who is also responsible for administering Portfolio Seminar.

Checklist for Portfolio Seminar

Portfolio Contents and Uploading Hints

The Analysis Statement

Core Values of Undergraduate Programs

Questions Concerning Core Values

Holistic Grading Rubric for Portfolio Seminar

Commonly Asked Questions about Portfolio Seminar
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