Writing Arts

Writing Arts


Why Writing Arts?

Studying writing arts increases understanding of the multiple facets of written communication. Through a variety of courses and learning experiences in creative, academic, new media, and applied writing, students learn to become flexible, adaptable writers, ready to bring advanced writing, reading, and critical thinking skills to the workplace.

Our multiple programs include (links are in the sidebar):

• The First-year Writing Program, serving all Rowan students
• For undergraduates:

  • 34-credit major, allowing students to dual major in programs such as English, Elementary or Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and PR
  • 18-credit minor in Creative Writing for majors and non-majors
  • 18-credit minor in Technical and Professional Writing for majors and non-majors
  • 18-credit minor in New Media for majors and non-majors
  • 22-credit minor in Writing Arts for non-majors
  • 12-credit Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Creative Writing for non-majors
  • 12-credit Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Technical and Professional Writing for non-majors
  • 12-credit Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Writing for the Environment for non-majors
  • 15-credit Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Writing Studies for Educators for non-majors  
  • 22-credit Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science option
  • 12 credits in the Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies major

• At the graduate level, a Master of Arts in Writing
• An accelerated, five-year BA in Writing Arts/MA in Writing. Applications accepted for entering freshmen or juniors.

As one of the few independent writing departments in the United States, Writing Arts is uniquely positioned to help you learn to communicate effectively within our dynamic culture. Indeed, we are the only department in the country with the name Writing Arts. Our name reflects the uniqueness of our offerings.

Housed in the College of Communication and Creative Arts at Rowan University, the department boasts award-winning professors who are publishing in a myriad of genres. From online to in print, from novels to nonfiction, from the scholarly to the creative, we are active writers engaging word, text, and image in our work.

The Department of Writing Arts was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Conference on College Composition and Communication in 2004, the award’s inaugural year.

This article provides a brief look at our major. Produced and maintained by Writing Arts students, this website provides more details about the major and its courses.

Feel free to write!

Drew Kopp, Chair


Our Mission: The Department of Writing Arts develops students' academic achievement, professional success, and personal growth through its first-year writing program, concentration in creative writing, undergraduate major, graduate certificates, and Master's in Writing. By combining the best of rhetorical and educational traditions with appropriate state-of-the-practice technology and innovative teaching, the Department advances students' understanding of written communication within our dynamic culture. Through scholarly and creative activity, interdisciplinary collaboration and community outreach, the Department forges connections with a wide range of individuals and institutions. Writing Arts-focused both on the art and craft of writing-meets the needs for an articulate, informed citizenry with enthusiasm, creativity, and rigor.


New courses offered this Fall 2019:


Writing Comedy


The 2019 Emerging Writers Contest

The 2018 Denise Gess Literary Awards Winners

The 2018 Medallion Award Winners