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Graphic Design

BFA in Studio Art with Concentration in Graphic Design

At Rowan, the design process is seen as amalgamation of thoughtful analysis and creative execution. Our curriculum combines the exploration of critical perspectives with the integration of technologies and tools, empowering students to develop their unique design sensibility.

Our courses happen within a studio culture that invites the exchange of individual perspectives, critique, visual literacy, experiential learning, and innovative formal outcomes. Upper-level studio courses and Special Topics courses in visual systems, motion, interactivity, branding, experience design, and sustainability encourage critical inquiry, collaborative processes, and experimentation in all scales.

Program Objectives

  • Diverse Design Challenges: through a sequentially structured coursework in design, students are exposed to a range of experimental and applied design problems, including typography, publication, identity/branding, web design, packaging, information graphics, interactive design and design for the environment.
  • Critical Thinking: the coursework enhances critical thinking abilities, enabling students to define, research, investigate, and create unique and effective solutions to complex design problems.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: students are encouraged to integrate skills from fine arts areas and other disciplines into their work, appreciating the value of a well-rounded education. They draw upon knowledge from various intellectual areas to solve unique design challenges.
  • Experiential Learning: the program encourages students to take advantage of real world experiences, internship opportunities and guided independent studies to expand their learning and explore specific interests within graphic design.
  • Professionalism: the program focuses on developing students' professional presentation skills, including verbal and visual communication, as well as building their resumes and portfolios each semester.
  • Career Awareness: as a result of the program, students gain awareness of diverse career possibilities and design applications, both traditional and digital. Graduates are well-prepared to work in design studios, advertising agencies, in-house design departments, and some have even started their businesses or online merchandising platforms for their work. 


“I believe today’s students face a fluid future and the designer of the future is someone who, while aesthetically and technically fluent, approaches design challenges by putting community and environment first; someone who values collaboration and embraces the social relevance of their creative decisions.“ 

~Zarfsaz / Program Coordinator


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