Sports CaM Bachelor of Arts

As one of the largest Sports Communication & Media BA programs in the country, we offer a wide array of coursework and training for our students across five unique concentrations:

• Communication Studies & Sports
• Esports
• Radio TV Film Sports Production
• Sports Journalism
• Sports Public Relations & Advertising

All students in our program take our 8 core courses, 4 courses from their concentration, and 2 from any other concentration.

CORE COURSES (Click for: Major Requirements | Minor Requirements | What to Know)
• Introduction to the Sports Communication & Media Major
• Sports Communication Culture & Identity
• Journalism Principles and Practices
• Journalistic Writing
• Strategic Communication Overview
• Applied Media Aesthetics: Sight Sound & Story
• Senior Seminar in Sports Communication & Media
• Internship in Sports Communication & Media

2 Degrees for the Price of 1
Our interdiciplinary program is designed to make double majoring seamless. To learn how you can earn two degrees for the price of one, check out our Double Major page.

The practical application of classroom skills is an integral part of the Sports CaM degree. In cooperation with the Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact, our students earn prestigeous internships with the top sports companies and organizations. That real world experience and professional development distinguishes them from other candidates and lays the foundation for their future careers in the field. Rowan University’s proximity to Philadelphia and New York City – the nation’s fourth largest and largest media markets – affords access to these major employers through our career planning network. Our Glassboro campus is also becoming a hub for esports leagues and tournaments, as well as research and teaching through our new Esports Industry & Entertainment Experience certificate. 

After graduation our alumni have launched successful carreers at:

• National and regional sports broadcasting and sports radio/TV companies
• Professional sports franchises
• Sports production companies
• The top PR and Ad agencies in the country
• University Athletic Departments
• Sports news organizations
• Graduate schools (Law, Sports Management, Communication Studies)