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  • New student group calling for particianpts
Health and Science Communication Student Reading Group (Ongoing)

This group is based in the program on Health and Science Communication, and meets once a month to discuss a recent article in health and science communication. Article choices and discussions are student-led, rotating among members.
Contact Dr. Coleman at for more details.

A study titled "Emergent Sonification, the Anthropocene, and the Sublime Affectations of Computational (Un)Predictability" by Brandon Simon and Dr. Coleman won the top poster award in the first annual Edelman CCCA Fall Research Showcase

New Course!

Health Reporting, Fall 2022

In this class, students will learn through field trips and real-world observations how to report and write about health topics and issues. We’ll observe a human body dissection, visit a medical school, and see 3-D printing of medical materials in action. We’ll also explore science and environmental issues such as climate change. Writing projects will include news articles and blog posts, and some articles could be published outside of class.

Seats are available! The course is running Tuesdays, 3:30-6:15 p.m. Here’s the information for registration:

Health Reporting - 45206 – JRN 01407 – 2

For questions and additional information, please contact Dr. Dianne Garyantes at


New Publications!

Feb. 2022 - Dr. Shi coauthored Visual Attention to Health Warning Labels on Waterpipe Venue Menus in Immersive Virtual Reality in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

2021 - Dr. Coleman published Lessons from the Pandemic: Engaging Wicked Problems with Transdisciplinary Deliberation in The Journal of Communication Pedagogy.

Sep. 2021 - Dr. Howell published Early Ecology and Climate Change in the Future Histories of H.G. Wells and Olaf Stapledon in Modernism and the Anthropocene.

Jun. 2021 - Dr. Shi coauthored Health Information on Waterpipe Lounge Menus to Educate Young Adults: Pilot Study Findings in Health Education & Behavior.

Mar. 2021 - Dr. Shi published Influence of online comments on smokers’ E-cigarette attitude: Opinion climate, review fraud, and resistance to persuasion in Psychology & Health.

Jan. 2021 - Dr. Coleman published Leveraging the rhetorical energies of machines: Covid-19, misinformation, and persuasive labor in Human-Machine Communication.

Fall 2020 - Dr. Reed published Conflicting Obligations: Considering the Downstream Effects of Human Subjects Research Protection in Rhetoric of Health & Medicine.

Oct. 2020 - Dr. Coleman and Dr. Cypher published The Digital Rhetorics of AIDS Denialist Networked Publics in First Monday.

Aug. 2020 - Dr. Reed published Shaping Contexts and Developing Invitational Ethos in Response to Medical Authority: An Interview Study of Women Down Syndrome Advocates in Rhetoric of Health & Medicine.

Aug. 2020 - Dr. Shi published The Dilemma of Correcting Nicotine Misperceptions: Nicotine Replacement Therapy versus Electronic Cigarettes in Health Communication.

Jul. 2020 - Dr. Coleman published Comparative Rhetorics of Technology and the Energies of Ancient Indian Robots in The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics.

May. 2020 - Dr. Cypher presented Opening the Gates: A Longitudinal Pilot Study on Medical Students, Competency, and Compassion at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference.

May. 2020 - Dr. Shi presented Intended and Unintended Consequences of Correcting Nicotine Misperception at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference.


New student projects!

Fall 2020 - Students in CMS 04380 Health Communication are designing campaign messages to help reduce the family and neighborhood spread of the coronavirus, and to alert Rowan students to protect each other and keep the community safe. Check back later to see final products!

Fall 2020 - Rowan journalism students and professional news organizations are collaborating to create news articles, social media outreach, and multimedia packages about climate change in the Atlantic City region. All of the content is being posted to a Rowan University-based website, South Jersey Climate News .