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New Course!

  • South Jersey Climate News

The Journalism Department this spring is offering “South Jersey Climate News,” a course that focuses on climate change and its effects in South Jersey. As part of the course, students will have a chance to write and report about regional effects and issues related to climate change, one of the most important topics of our time—even during a pandemic.

The course is open to all students interested in the issue of climate change. The content students produce during the course will be posted on a Journalism Department-sponsored website, South Jersey Climate News (

The course will be offered remotely during the Spring 2021 semester; the specific info is:

South Jersey Climate News – 24351 – JRN 01407 – 2.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Dr. Dianne Garyantes at


Comprehending COVID-19 provides you the opportunity to learn from Rowan University faculty who are directly and indirectly studying this pandemic. Faculty are drawn from multiple areas to bring a complex, reasoned look at the current and future implications of COVID-19.


New Publications!

Mar. 2021 - Dr. Shi published Influence of online comments on smokers’ E-cigarette attitude: Opinion climate, review fraud, and resistance to persuasion on Psychology & Health.

Oct. 2020 - Dr. Coleman and Dr. Cypher published The Digital Rhetorics of AIDS Denialist Networked Publics on First Monday.

Aug. 2020 - Dr. Reed published Shaping Contexts and Developing Invitational Ethos in Response to Medical Authority: An Interview Study of Women Down Syndrome Advocates on Rhetoric of Health & Medicine

Aug. 2020 - Dr. Shi published The Dilemma of Correcting Nicotine Misperceptions: Nicotine Replacement Therapy versus Electronic Cigarettes on Health Communication

Jul. 2020 - Dr. Coleman published Comparative Rhetorics of Technology and the Energies of Ancient Indian Robots in The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics.

May. 2020 - Dr. Cypher presented Opening the Gates: A Longitudinal Pilot Study on Medical Students, Competency, and Compassion at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference.

May. 2020 - Dr. Shi presented Intended and Unintended Consequences of Correcting Nicotine Misperception at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference.


New student projects!

Fall 2020 - Students in CMS 04380 Health Communication are designing campaign messages to help reduce the family and neighborhood spread of the coronavirus, and to alert Rowan students to protect each other and keep the community safe. Check back later to see final products!

Fall 2020 - Rowan journalism students and professional news organizations are collaborating to create news articles, social media outreach, and multimedia packages about climate change in the Atlantic City region. All of the content is being posted to a Rowan University-based website, South Jersey Climate News .