Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Core courses

Students completing the 30 credit-hour Master of Arts in Television Studies will complete four required courses (totaling 12 credit-hours):

RTF 10511 Research Methods in Television Studies (3 credits)          

RTF 10512 Television Genre and History (3 credits)  

  • These core courses will aid students in developing research and writing skills, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the history of television and genre. They should be taken in the first semester.

RTF 10522 Master's Project (6 credits)  

  • The Master’s Project will be offered in the final two semesters (Fall and Spring) and will offer students the opportunity to develop a major creative, or professional project - along with the support provided by the course instructors, all students receive individual meetings with their assigned supervisor.


To complete the remaining 18 credit hours, students may create a program of study that allows them to choose their own pathway through the Program and to choose a mix of courses that benefit them individually.

These courses currently include (but are not restricted to):

• RTF 10513 The Global Television Industry (3 credits)

• RTF 10514 Identity on Television (3 credits)

• RTF 10515 Rhetoric of Reality TV (3 credits)

• RTF 10516 Television Auteurs (3 credits)

• RTF 10518 The Evolution of Quality Television (3 credits)

• RTF 10519 Women and Television (3 credits)

• RTF 10520 The Writer’s Room (3 credits)

• RTF 10522 Script to Screen (3 credits)

• RTF 10523 Graduate Screenwriting (3 credits)

• RTF 10527 Graduate Episodic TV 1 (3 credits)

• RTF 10528 Graduate Episodic TV 2 (3 credits)

• RTF 10529 Developing the Documentary Series (online/hybrid) (3 credits) 

*Not all of these courses will be offered every semester.

All students must be enrolled to complete their final Master’s project over the course of a year.

Please note

The Program is designed to be completed in 2 years however, students may extend their studies up to 6 years to accommodate their schedules.

To graduate from the MA in Television Studies students must complete 30 study hours with no more than two ‘C’ (or less) grades.

For further information please contact the Program Co-ordinator: Prof Kim Akass - 

For applications and further details go here.