Beyond Hardware

Beyond Hardware

Beyond Hardware

Hannah Knight


Thesis Statement

Humans can only advance as far as we allow it to. Science fuels wonder about what is next. We have come so far as a society with our medical advancements, such as 3D printing prosthetics in third world countries instantly, 3D bioprinting, and the new and ever evolving surgical implants that can return people back to their normal lives. This is only the beginning and we (as a society) cannot wait for what is to come. As time does not stop neither does science, innovation and progress. The evolution of humankind will never cease as long as we remain curious and inspired. Ask questions and never stop wondering, "What's Next?"


Artist Statement

My work has stemmed from curiosity of exploring the forefront of medicine to see what is next. This excitement started when I wanted to be involved with re-designing and creating new prosthetics that could be 3D printed and affordable for all. After hands-on work at my internship with Cooper University Hospital I have found so much joy working with CT scanned DICOM data to create 3D printed patient specific models for surgeons. These models allow staff to view physical spatial representations of specific injuries and conditions before entering surgery, which helps plan for improved post-operative outcomes. The orthopedic models are only the beginning of what’s possible in surgical printing and innovation. This work can go further to visualize muscle, tendon, and cartilaginous injuries in patients. My family has always been involved in healthcare and medicine, and now, with this new opportunity to integrate my artistic talents with science and technology, has brought me a new joy in art and its applications that I never would have thought to be a realization.


Special Thanks

I would like to thank my Professors: Amanda Almon MFA CMI, Susan Bowman MFA MPS, Ryan Berardi MsC and Ronald Mathias BFA, for guiding me through my academic career at Rowan University. I would like to thank Mary Salvante, Director of the Rowan University Gallery, for mentoring me in the curation practices of art and gallery exhibition administration. I would like to thank David Vacarro, Department of Art/RTF’s Professional Staff/Printmaker, for advising me and keeping my graduation requirements on track during my time at Rowan. I would like to thank Jim Greenwell, Westby Hall/Sculpture Professional Staff/Technical Expert, for helping make this exhibition possible, and Alicia Finger, Lecturer in Art and Westby Hall Student Gallery Exhibition Coordinator. Finally, very special thanks to my mother Wanda, grandfather Roy, brother Trent, and partner Zach for constantly loving and supporting me through my darkest hours and my brightest days.