Dan Strasser

Dan Strasser

Dan Strasser
Department Chair, Professor

Dan Strasser
Communication Studies

Contact Info
Victoria 260, Room 604


Professor of Communication Studies
Ph.D., University of Denver

Dr. Dan Strasser (he/him/his) is a professor of gender and family communication in the Department of Communication Studies where he has been teaching for ten years. His research focuses on the formation and negotiation of gendered identities and explores performances of masculinities, family identities, and classed identities from queer performance, critical perspectives. His research utilizes autoethnography and other qualitative methodologies to explore the areas mentioned above.

Dan enjoys running, the mountains, morning coffee, bird watching, cultivated quiet, reading, writing, yard work, listening to and playing music, and spending time with his partner and pup.


CMS 04320  Communicating Gender
CMS 04340  Family Communication
CMS 04250  Communication Theory

Recent Publications

Strasser, D. (2021). Communication and Identity: Intersectional perspectives on critical pedagogy (D. Strasser, Ed.). Lanham, MD, Lexington.

Strasser, D. (2021). "Formative interactions and reformative patterns in father-son relationships and masculinities." In S. Faulkner (Ed.), Inside relationships: Critical case studies in interpersonal communication. (2nd ed., pp. 95-103). New York, NY: Routledge.

Morr Loftus, M. C., Suter, E. A., Hanna, M. D., & Strasser, D. (2021). Parents' management of privacy turbulence surrounding private, adoption-related information in transracial, internationally adoptive families. To be published in the Journal of Family Communication.

Suter, E. A., Morr Loftus, M., Strasser, D., & Hanna, M. (2021). Catalysts and motivations for change in privacy coordination: Transracial, internationally adoptive parents' coordination of private, adoption-related information. Communication Quarterly.

Current Projects

Autoethnography on Ambiguous Loss in Education
This project utilizes autoethnography to explore what was lost in, through, and after COVID-19 from a critical pedagogical perceptive.

How Families Communicate about Whiteness
This study explores how families negotiate collective and individual identities when communication about whiteness and privilege.

Perceived and performed masculinity in father-son relationships
This study explores the perception and performance of multiple masculinities in father-son relationships.