Internships in Communication Studies

Internships in Communication Studies

Internships in Communication Studies

Fast Facts

  • An internship is not required for the Communication Studies major.
  • An internship completed for credit (3-credit class) is an elective (CMS 04355).
  • This class will be a part of your fall or spring semester schedule and included in your tuition (up to 17 credit hours). Anything above that requires specific permission.
  • If you choose to do a summer internship, you will have to register/pay for the class as you would any summer class, including any fees.
  • You must be a Communication Studies major to be eligible for this internship class. Minors in Communication Studies are not eligible.
  • You must have earned 75 credit hours prior to beginning your internship.
  • You must have a 2.5 GPA.
  • You must complete 120 hours of work for the internship organization. Typically during a semester, this will be 8-10 hours per week. Example: Spring semester, January 15-April 15, is a good time frame to fit in 8-10 hours per week; however, each individual internship will have their own time schedule.

Things to Consider when Planning for an Internship

  • Which semester are you considering? What type of class load will you have that semester? Do you have 8-10 hours a week to dedicate to an outside organization?
  • Where would you like to complete your internship? Local to Glassboro? Local to your hometown? Philadelphia? New York? Remote?
  • Is your resume up to date? (Don’t forget that Rowan’s Office of Career Advancement can help!)

Where Do I Find an Internship?

  • You are responsible for securing your own internship.
  • Keep in mind that some organizations have a very specific time frame. Many structured programs, like URBN, have a November deadline for their summer internship application. Be sure to take note of those types of details.
  • Prof Jobs, a Rowan University career resource that is free and open to students and alumni.
  • Rowan Career Fairs.
  • LinkedIn. Be sure to create a LinkedIn profile. (It's free!) Search for internships under the Jobs tab.  Be sure to create a job link to get daily emails with internship opportunities.
  • Google search for specific internships or internships in your area(s) of interest.
  • Go straight to the company website’s career section.
  • Ask family and friends for contacts/ideas.

Additional Details for Communication Studies Interns

  • Your internship must be approved by the Communication Studies Internship Coordinator in order to register for the class/obtain credit. The form is located here.
  • The internship organization must fill out Rowan University’s Internship Site Agreement prior to the start of the internship. Please see Professor Karen Brager for the form and details.

Your Internship Course

  • You will meet with the internship coordinator early in the semester (by Week 1) via Zoom or phone and again at mid-semester.
  • Your course work will consist of the following: 1. A final paper connecting Communcation Studies major courses that you have taken (Interpersonal, Rhetorical Criticism, etc.) with your experiences at your internship; 2. A detailed log of activities; and 3. A portfolio of work completed.
  • Additional details will be discussed with your internship coordinator.

Internship Coordinator

Karen Brager