The Rowan University Symposium for Interdisciplinary Arts (SIA)

The Rowan University Symposium for Interdisciplinary Arts (SIA) is a week-long program of workshops for students run by faculty teaching introductory studio art courses. The event was started by Assistant Professor Mina Zarfsaz in 2022 to encourage reflective thinking on how different media/processes may be applied to participants' art practice. 

This year’s SIA, made possible with funding from IMMaD, was organized by Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Shores and Lecturer Marisa Watanabe. A total of 148 students participated in workshops run by 10 Art Faculty, the Campbell Library Archivist, and the student group Women of Westby. 

With special help from Lecturer Nancy Sophy, the event concluded with a pop-up exhibition and pizza party in the Studio Art building showcasing work made by students across the different workshops, listed below. 

  • “Alma Thomas Lesson” with Rowan student group Women of Westby
  • “Caricature: O, the Wisdom of a Face!” with Instructor Adam Gustavson & Adjunct Professor Kyle Margiotta
  • “Creative Coding & Letter-Forming” with Lecturer Marisa Watanabe
  • “Forged Copper Bracelets” with Instructor Maureen Duffy
  • “Handmade Recycled Sketchbooks” with Adjunct Professor Carol Schottenfeld
  • “Hands on Animation Techniques” with Assistant Professor Robby Gilbert
  • “Intro to Fiber Arts and Sewing” with Instructor Kate Testa
  • “Jazmyn Crosby Artist Talk + BioDesign Workshop” with Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Shores
  • “Paper Quilling 101” with Adjunct Professor Iris Richardson
  • “Reading History: What Can Our Past Tell Us about Our Present?” with Archivist Sara Borden
  • “What's in the bag? Collage and the Creative Process” with Instructor Alicia Finger