Student Work

Student Work



New Media Practicum Projects

Skate Culture - Wes Genarie

Skate Culture is a Delaware Valley based skateboarding community.
The core focus of Skate Culture is to provide information on anything and everything involving skateboarding in our area. Anything from short clips of skaters in the area, full edits, other bonus videos, to news regarding skate parks, skate shops, and DIY's.

Skate culture was made to unify the local skate scene while getting everyone hyped on skaters from our area instead of skaters half way around the world.

Overview Video:

Rowan 911: Reloaded - Shannon Kagan

Description: Rowan911 Reloaded is a sequel to the TV show Rowan911 with a more focused objective in mind. It is a mini-web series, each episode tackling a new crime spike or issue on campus. Rowan911 Reloaded brings awareness to campus crime by parodying, COPS and RENO 911.

Overview Video:

Interactive Work - Created in New Media Production


AJ Amoroso, RTF

“The End of the World”

Synopsis: Evacuate town with your best friend after a nuclear power plant explosion.

Enya Moore, RTF

“Welcome to the Gallery”


Synopsis: “In Scrutiny you must choose whether to be the detective or the suspect. Can you find the clues and catch the murderer as the detective or can lie well enough to get out of prison as the suspect? The choice is yours.”

Jasmine Cabrera, RTF

“Escape Room”

“Final Kingdom”

Synopsis: “Step into the realm of fantasy as you test your skills in completing a series of quests. This video game like adventure will have you engaged as you look to find the answers. You can choose between two paths on your journey to becoming a knight. Do you have what it takes to mark your place in the kingdom?”

Sam Kramer, RTF

“Dippin Plots”

Synopsis: A typical summer day on the jersey shore leads to a chance encounter with a mysterious dippin’ dots stand. Before long you are thrust into the middle of a horrible conspiracy. Will you escape with your life or will you push on to find the truth even if it kills you?

Brandon Borges

“Bud E”

Nicole Capelli, RTF
“War Child”

Synopsis: You are a young child destined to become more. But the fates are cruel and the Gods take as they please. Can you defeat the Beast?

Alex Bodnar, RTF
“Momento Mori”

Synopsis: Momento Mori is a journey into finding your missing friend. You walk into his apartment and clues will help you guide your way. Certain clues unlock other ones, so be thorough with your investigating. Will you find Joe?


April Spotts, RTF

Synopsis: Wanderer is a survival horror, escape the woods game. You wake up in the middle of the night in a clearing with three paths to choose from. Each path will take you on a different journey into the twisting woods. But beware, in order to find your way out, you must also avoid falling into one of the forest’s many traps.


Sarah Lopez, RTF
“One More Drink”

Synopsis: One More Drink tells the story of a person who’s a recovering alcoholic, going out for a night with his friends. The choices the user makes for the character will determine how sober or drunk they get for the night. It loosely tells the story of a struggling alcoholic and the obstacles they face when they’re in certain environments surrounded by certain people. Different decisions will lead the user on different paths.


Orlando Caban, RTF
“Will You Survive?”

Chuck Calhoun (2013 Excellence in New Media Award), RTF
"The Dark and Twisted Mind of Doctor Hugo Stiglitz,"

Bria Mears (2015 Excellence in New Media Award), Writing Arts

Briana Cognat, PR/AD
"The Package"

Eric Boldizar, RTF
"Zelda Simulation"
"Two Paths"

Joe Reggio, RTF
"Occupy Wall Street"
"Dead Flag Blues"

Logan Boyko, Journalism

Pat Harris, RTF

Gina Scarmuffa, ART
"The Long and Winding Road"

Video Essays - Created in Introduction to New Media

Wes Genarie, RTF
"Skateboarding and New Media"

Lauren Rauffer, RTF
"Give a Voice"

Michael Huss, PR/AD
"Advertising in New Media"