Medallion Award Winners

Medallion Award Winners


Medallion Award Winners



The Excellence in Writing Arts Medallion is awarded to an undergraduate senior who has demonstrated outstanding course performance, strong leadership skills, and excellent career potential as a writer and as a teacher of writing. Eligible students are those who either graduated in December or are about to graduate in May with a BA in Writing Arts and a GPA of 3.5 or above. 
2022—Dan Wash
2021—Destiny Hall
2020​—Morgan Riccobene
2019​—Rachel Barton
2018—Sara Skipp
2017—Sarah Knapp
​2016—Robert Josey
2015—Carly Szabo
2014—Rachel Mamola
2013—Cherita Harrell
2012—Christopher Cullen
2011—Amanda Haruch
2010—Katherin Fitzpatrick
2009—Ryan Kristopovich


This medallion is awarded to a Master of Arts in Writing student who has demonstrated outstanding course performance, exceptional writing ability, and strong professionalism. This award is sponsored by Dr. Antoinette Libro, former dean of the College of Communication.


  • Graduation from the MA in Writing at least by August of the year the student is being considered
    GPA above 3.6
  • Currently in good academic standing as defined by the MA in Writing through Global Learning
  • No incompletes on transcript
  • Enrollment in with the expectation of completion of Seminar II and participation in Symposium
  • Writing shows promise for publication.

2022—Ariana Tucker
2021—Connor Buckmaster
2020—Isha Strasser
2019—Devon James
2018—Myriah Stubee
2017—Michael Fotos
2016—Jennifer K. Martin
2015—Steve Royek
2014—Jorie Rao
2013—Christen Otter
2012—Joseph McGee
2011—Diane Stopyra
2010—Steven Harbold
2009—Rebecca Bland
2008—Betsy Haase
2007—Joseph Lombo
2006—Amy Kudelka