Audio Concentration

Audio Concentration

Audio Concentration

In the last twenty years, the technology for recording and distributing sound has drastically changed. That's the reason Rowan University is now offering a Concentration in Audio Recording. The Concentration in Audio Recording is designed to combine courses in Music, Radio TV and Film, and Physics in order to provide students with a basic education in audio recording and technology. Students can take two classes per year for three years to satisfy the requirements for the concentration.

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Course List

Sound Communication (RTF03224)

This course introduces students to the production process through the medium of sound. They will be introduced to basic storytelling concepts and will write, create, and edit projects that incorporate sound as a primary communication tool.

Physics of Sound and Music (PHYS02175)

This course will expose students to physics through its application to sound and music. They will study these applications by examining the phenomena of voice, sound, hearing, musical instruments, acoustics, electronic technology, and reproduction of sound and music.

Audio Recording (MUS04344)

This course explores the techniques of audio recording. A study of equipment, microphones and microphone placement, sequencing programs and acoustics is integrated with hands-on training.

Project Audio Recording (MUS04351)

In this course, students make a recorded project (record, television video, radio commercial, or television commercial) beginning with preliminary discussions of the project contents and culminating with actual marketing/packaging of the final product.

Sound Communication 2 (RTF03395)

Sound Communication II will provide students with advanced concepts and practices of sound recording and editing, focusing on their application for the media of film and television. Students will explore historical and aesthetic practices of sound effects for film and television, directing those concepts towards the production of the sound design of a student film.

Computer Technologies in Music II (MUS04351)

This course extends the skills developed in Computer Technologies in Music I through work in advanced digital audio software environments. Projects include developing music for multi-media projects.