Our Faculty

John Feaster, Associate Professor and Department Chair
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Phone: 856-256-4327
Email: feaster@rowan.edu

John Feaster joined the Department of Communication Studies at Rowan after teaching for two years at the University of Richmond. His teaching and research interests pertain to interpersonal communication and the roles of communication technologies in everyday life. His work has been published in regional, national, and international journals.

Kenneth Albone, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Email: albone@rowan.edu

Kenneth R. Albone began his teaching career at Rowan University in the Fall of 1982. His research areas include interpersonal communication, educational assessment, quantitative research methods, and instructional practice. In his spare time Dr. Albone enjoys conversation, reading, walking, light exercise activities such as bowling, softball, and bicycling, movies, Barnes and Noble, and surfing the web.

Karen Brager, Lecturer
M.A., LaSalle University
Email: brager@rowan.edu

Karen Brager began teaching at Rowan University in 2005. She teaches Public Speaking, Sophomore Engineering Clinic, Interpersonal Communication, and Mass Media and Their Influences. She spent many years working in the entertainment industry as a Talent Manager, Casting Director, and Film & TV Camp Director. Her areas of interest include audience analysis, speech delivery, and television studies. She also volunteers extensively with her alumni associations, local PTO board, and the non-profit organization Cozies4Chemo.

Angela M. Cirucci, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Temple University
Email: ciruccia@rowan.edu

Angela Cirucci is a digital media scholar focusing on the symbolic meaning of programming languages, the intersection of institutional practice and user knowledge, and user experience. Often focusing on identity, Dr. Cirucci has a passion for studying how digital spaces impact the lives of marginalized communities. In addition to conducting research and teaching, she loves to travel. So far she has visited 10 US National Parks, 27 states, and 14 countries.

Miles Coleman, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
Email: colemanm@rowan.edu

Miles Coleman is a rhetoric scholar, specializing in rhetoric of science, digital rhetoric, and communication ethics. Dr. Coleman's research appears in leading journals and has won awards at both the regional and national levels. Love for learning and community propel him toward issues of public science literacy and responsible debate in offline and online contexts. When not in the office, you can find him playing music or adventuring with his family.

Patricia A. Coughlan, Lecturer
M.A., University of Connecticut
Email: coughlan@rowan.edu

Patti Coughlan began teaching at Rowan in Fall 2002. She has over 30 years' experience in public education with a focus on communicative arts and gifted learners. Her teaching and research interests include technical speaking, anxiety's impact on public speaking, film adaptation as translation, addressing the diverse needs of learners, and the rhetoric of the brain. She serves as an educational consultant and motivational speaker. She was chosen by Rowan students to deliver the hypothetical "Last Lecture" in 2012.

Joy Cypher, Professor
Ph.D., Purdue University
Email: cypher@rowan.edu

Joy Cypher is one of the Midwest transplants in the department of Communication Studies at Rowan. Her main area of study as a professor is the intersection of embodiment and communication, with particular interest in, and commitment to, Disability Studies. Dr. Cypher is well-recognized for her teaching, as the 2012 recipient of the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, and the 2016 Eastern Communication Association Teaching Fellow Award.

Kate Harman, Lecturer
M.S., Towson University
Email: harman@rowan.edu

Kate Harman has been teaching at Rowan since the Spring of 2013. Her research interests include analyzing gender dynamics within sport - specifically, depictions of athletes in media - as well as portrayals of gender in popular culture texts.

Julie Haynes, Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Email: haynes@rowan.edu

Julie Haynes is a rhetorical critic whose work explores how categories of identity, such as gender, race, and class, influence public discourse in mediated and pop culture settings. She is especially interested in how regional identity complicates or enriches our understanding of self and place, and frequently writes on gender and region in the areas of reality television, horror, sport, and country music. She teaches courses in the Rhetoric and Cultural Criticism track, in addition to interdisciplinary courses with Women’s and Gender Studies, Sport Communication & Media, and Radio, Television, & Film. She is director of the Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication at Rowan University.

Andrew D. Hottle, Professor
Ph.D., Temple University
Email: hottle@rowan.edu

Andrew Hottle is an art historian whose research focuses on the work of women, with particular emphasis on feminist art of the 1970s. In addition to articles, essays, and book reviews, he has published two books, The Art of the Sister Chapel: Exemplary Women, Visionary Creators, and Feminist Collaboration and Shirley Gorelick (1924-2000): Painter of Humanist Realism. He is currently writing a detailed monograph on the art of Sylvia Sleigh and preparing the catalogue raisonné of her paintings. He is also conducting extensive research for a book about the founding members of SOHO 20 Gallery.

Maccamas Ikpah, Associate Professor
Ed.D., Oklahoma State University
Phone: 856-256-4632
Email: ikpah@rowan.edu

Dr. Ikpah teaches Mass Media and Their Influences, Communication Studies Seminar, International Communication, and Intercultural Communication. He has travelled extensively to China, the United Kingdom, Holland, Cameroon, and Ghana.

Yannick Kluch, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Email: kluch@rowan.edu

Yannick Kluch joined the Department of Communication Studies as an assistant professor of sports communication and media in 2019 after working in the office of inclusion at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). His teaching and research focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion in athletics, athlete activism, critical sports communication pedagogy, and identity construction in sport. In addition to his roles in the department, he also serves as the lead faculty consultant on social impact for Rowan's Center for Sports Communication & Social Impact and drives strategic inclusion initiatives in the university's athletics department.

Pamela Marshall, Instructor
Public Speaking Course Director
M.A., Temple University
Phone: 856-256-4394
Email: marshallp@rowan.edu

Pam Marshall is a communication scholar with an emphasis on listening and perception. Her research focuses on communication satisfaction of off-site workers, and listening capabilities of high-level managers. She is also a consultant in the corporate sector, and has conducted both research and workshops in the telecommunications field, the pharmaceutical industry, the publishing industry, and the prison systems in New Jersey.

Clara L. Popa, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Kent State University
Email: popa@rowan.edu

Clara Popa joined the department in the Fall of 2004. Her research includes communicative aspects of trust in temporary groups, methodological approaches to the study of trust and communication, and the role of values in intercultural communication. She continues to expand her research interests and tries relentlessly to persuade her students to join her.

Daniel Schowalter, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Indiana University
Phone: 856-256-4351
Email: schowalter@rowan.edu

Dan Schowalter joined the Department of Communication Studies ecstatically in the Fall of 2002. His research interests include the intersections of rhetoric, visuality, memory, and the popular imagination, with special interest in the rhetoric of documentary imagery.

Rui Shi, Assitant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Email: shi@rowan.edu

Dr. Shi joined Rowan in Fall 2018. Her research focuses on the use of new media in health communication in the area of anti-tobacco policies, campaigns, and interventions. Her current project explores how to correct health misinformation with persuasive messages using multiple media platforms including Virtual Reality. Dr. Shi also has an active research agenda in quantitative research methods, specializing in experiment design and computational social science.

Daniel Strasser, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Unversity of Denver
Email: strasser@rowan.edu

Professor Daniel S. Strasser began teaching at Rowan University in Fall 2012. Dr. Strasser’s research focuses on perceptions and performances of masculinities, the intricacies of father-son relationships, and negotiating class identities, particularly blue and white collar identities, from autoethnographic, interpretive, and critical perspectives. He teaches courses in gender communication, family communication, and communication theory.