Graphic Design Specialization

Graphic Design Specialization

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BFA in Studio Art with Specialization in Graphic Design


The Graphic Design specialization at Rowan provides a solid foundation of concepts and skills to prepare students for entry into professional design practice. Sequentially structured coursework in design, typography, and history expands their understanding of design as a process of problem-solving. The students gain awareness of exciting career possibilities and diverse design applications in traditional and digital realms through their studies and through enrichment from visiting designers and field trips to studios and exhibits throughout the region.

Design students explore a range of experimental and applied design problems, from publication and corporate identity/branding to web design, packaging, information graphics and interactive design. The coursework allows them to strengthen their critical thinking ability to successfully define, research, investigate and create unique and effective solutions to complex design problems. They learn the value of developing original imagery and shooting and manipulating their own photography, but they also learn when it is appropriate to work from stock imagery (and how to do so legally and ethically.) They learn to present themselves and their work professionally as their visual and verbal communication skills and their resume and portfolio develop each semester.

At Rowan, the graphic design students are encouraged to be well-rounded and to integrate their skills in fine arts areas into their work. They learn to appreciate the value of their entire education because each design problem is unique, requiring them to use knowledge of language, psychology, sciences, music, and other intellectual areas as the basis for their design solutions. Graphic design students are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities and guided independent studies to expand their learning and to explore their specific interests within graphic design. As a result, our graduates are successfully working in top design studios, advertising agencies, and in-house design departments throughout the region and beyond. Some have opened their own businesses or developed successful online merchandising platforms for their work too.

It's an exciting time to be a graphic designer, and this specialization is a great way to prepare for an enriching professional career.