Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Rowan University Art Department 



Donna Sweigart, Associate Professor and Chair
Email: sweigart@rowan.edu
Website: donnamasonsweigart.com


Herbert J. Appelson, Professor
Phone: 856-256-4782
Email: appelson@rowan.edu


Nancy Ohanian, Professor
Email: ohanian@rowan.edu
Website: www.nancyohanian.com


Skeffington Thomas, Professor 
Phone: 856-256-4522
Email: thomass@rowan.edu
Website: www.skeffthomas.com


Jen Kitson, Associate Professor, Dual Appointment with the Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability
Email: kitson@rowan.edu
Website: works.bepress.com/jennifer-kitson


Robby Gilbert, Assistant Professor
Email: gilbertr@rowan.edu
Website: RobbyGilbert.com


Mina Zarfsaz, Assistant Professor 
Email: zarfsaz@rowan.edu
Website: minazarfsaz.com 


Nancy Sophy, Lecturer
Email: sophy@rowan.edu
Website: nancysophy.com


Marisa Watanabe, Lecturer
Email: watanabe@rowan.edu
Website: marisawatanabe.com


Alicia Finger, Instructor
Email: finger@rowan.edu
Website: www.aliciafinger.com


Maureen Duffy, Instructor
Email: duffym@rowan.edu


Adam Gustavson, Instructor
Email: gustavson@rowan.edu   
Website: www.adamgustavson.art


Eugene Neglia, Instructor, SmART Coordinator
Email: neglia@rowan.edu


Kate Testa, Instructor
Email: testak@rowan.edu
Website: www.therealkatetesta.com


Chad States, Instructor
Email: states@rowan.edu


Please note: the BFA, Biomedical Art and Visualization Major Faculty are located in the Department of Radio, TV and Film.



Lisa Toman, Department Secretary
Phone: 856-256-4010
Email: toman@rowan.edu


Rachel Budmen, Program Advisor
Phone: 856-256-4537
Please note: the Program Advisor is located in Wilson Hall


James Greenwell, Technician
Phone: 856-256-4022
Email: greenwell@rowan.edu


Rowan University Art Gallery

Mary Salvante, Director, Chief Curator, Rowan University Art Gallery and The Center for Art & Social Engagement
Phone: 856-256-4521
Email: salvante@rowan.edu